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Storing Your Armor

  • There is a fee for this service, the amount differs depending on the set you're storing.
  • There are no fame/reputation requirements, this service is open to players of all levels and ranks
  • The following NPCs will store your armor and provide a "claim slip"
  • The following NPCs are available for Ballista uses only
  • To retrieve your stored armor, speak with any of the above NPCs, select the applicable armor set you wish returned and pay the required amount
  • The section below will outline in detail which armor sets are storable with the NPCs

Storable Armor Sets

Level 24-30
Armor Sets Armor Pieces Cost
Iron Chainmail 150
Shade Harness 150
Brass Scale Mail 200
Wool Robe 200
Eisenplatte Armor 200
Soil Gi 200
Seer's Tunic 200
Studded Armor 200
Centurion's Scale Mail 200
Mercenary Captain's Doublet 200
Garish Tunic 200
Noct Doublet 200
Level 31-40
Armor Sets Armor Pieces Cost
Custom Armor (Hume Male) 250
Custom Armor (Hume Female) 250
Magna Armor (Elvaan Male) 250
Magna Armor (Elvaan Female) 250
Wonder Armor (Tarutaru) 250
Savage Armor (Mithra) 250
Elder Armor (Galka) 250
Linen Cloak 250
Padded Armor 250
Silver Chainmail 300
Gambison 300
Iron Scale Mail 300
Cuir Armor 300
Velvet Robe 300
Opaline Dress 300
Royal Squire's Chainmail 300
Plate Armor 300
Combat Caster's Cloak 300
Level 41-50
Armor Sets Armor Pieces Cost
Alumine Haubert 350
Carapace Harness 350
Banded Mail 400
Hara-Ate 400
Raptor Armor 400
Steel Scale Mail 400
Wool Gambison 400
Shinobi Gi 400
Iron Musketeer's Cuirass 400
Tactician Magician's Coat 400
White Cloak 400
Austere Robe 400
Crow Jupon 400
Mythril Plate Armor 400
Artifact and Assault Armor
Armor Sets Armor Pieces Cost
Fighter's Armor 500
Temple Attire 500
Healer's Attire 500
Wizard's Attire 500
Warlock's Armor 500
Rogue's Attire 500
Gallant Armor 500
Chaos Armor 500
Beast Armor 500
Choral Attire 500
Hunter's Attire 500
Myochin Armor 500
Ninja Garb 500
Drachen Armor 500
Evoker's Attire 500
Magus Attire 500
Corsair's Attire 500
Puppetry Attire 500
Dancer's Attire 500
Scholar's Attire 500
Amir Armor 500
Pahluwan Armor 500
Yigit Armor 500
Relic Armor
Armor Sets Armor Pieces Cost
Warrior's Armor 1000
Melee Attire 1000
Cleric's Attire 1000
Sorcerer's Attire 1000
Duelist's Armor 1000
Assassin's Attire 1000
Valor Armor 1000
Abyss Armor 1000
Monster Armor 1000
Bard's Attire 1000
Scout's Attire 1000
Saotome Armor 1000
Koga Garb 1000
Wyrm Armor 1000
Summoner's Attire 1000
Mirage Attire 1000
Commodore Attire 1000
Pantin Attire 1000
Etoile Attire 1000
Argute Attire 1000

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