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Dia GUI.png Dia spells are a form of enfeebling magic that reduces the target's defense and gives a weak slip effect. These are typically one of the few, if not only, forms of enfeebling magic used when melee-burning monsters due to their substantial offensive bonuses. Dia spells are also used in Voidwatch, where they are potential weakness triggers. Keep in mind that the weakness will only trigger if Dia's DoT effect lands, which means that no higher tier Bio or Dia spell can already be on the monster (see below). Dia spells cannot be resisted unless a monster is completely immune to magic.

Spell Defense Reduction DoT Total Damage
Dia -10.16% 1/tick 20
Diaga -10.16% 1/tick 20
Dia II -15.23% 2/tick 80
Dia III -20.31% 3/tick 165
  • Dia III duration is variable. The calculation done here assumes merit rank.

Dia vs. Bio

Dia spells are overwritten by Bio Spells of the same tier/merit level, as is shown from left to right in the below table. Diaga is treated as "the same" as Dia.

Dia Bio Dia II Bio II Dia III Bio III

Enhancing Dia

After any form of Dia has been applied to the enemy, Corsairs can use the Quick Draw job ability Light-COR-Icon.gifLight Shot to enhance the Defense Down Effect by an additional +2.73% (28/1024) and Damage Over Time +1 (Caps after one shot)

There exists another two ways to "Enhance Dia effect." One of them is untested, but the one that has been tested seems to refer to increasing Dia's modest DoT, as if the "Dia effect" refers to the Dia DoT status and not the defense reduction.

Modified by equipment
Equipment Enhancement
Dia Wand DoT +1/tick
Atma of Blighted Breath DoT +1/tickQuestion

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