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Very Difficult


Usually about a 3 minute kill, I think.

BRD does Honor March, Minuet, Light Carol, and Scherzo.

COR does Chaos+Samurai and spams Savage Blade.

SMN does Hastega2, Earthen Armor, Crystal Blessing, and Crimson Howl.

May need to re-apply Hastega2 if Cait casts Slowga.
Ecliptic Growl is a nice bonus as well, as Cait can dispel things.
I suggest using Apogee to speed up the ward rotation at the start, it takes a while to get them all up but you want a fast kill once you start.
  • Besides those buffs, SMN is free to Volt Strike or whatever they fancy.

THF spams Rudra, trick attacking the RUN when possible. And most importantly, git dat Treasure Hunter.

RUN uses Lionheart if they have it, and uses Tenebrae x3.

After buffs, Flash Cait, and pull it back to the start.
Valiance after pull.
When Cait Sith uses Benediction, One for All + Battuta because the fight gets harder.
I used RUN/SAM, and just did Flash Foil on pull then Resolution spam the rest of the time. With the THF there, you shouldn't lose hate to the COR.

WHM needs to Cure quickly, with EA+Scherzo up it's basically impossible to get one-shotted but you can still sometimes take heavy damage.

If the RUN's One for All wears off, they can jump in with Sacrosanctity.

Ultimately though, it's a safe fight if done right. Did almost 30 last night, had 1 wipe due to mistake on buffs, and besides that I think only 3 deaths the whole time.

Strategy by Pergatory on Asura copy/pasted from Reddit with permission. --Davecus (talk) 15:29, 3 September 2019 (EDT)


Additional Findings (Pve - Slyph)


I tried not using darkness skillchains and no debuffs whatsoever to not trigger Divine Favors which is theorized to be making HP ? Holy stronger.

GEO uses Geo-Frailty, Indi-Fury, Entrust Indi-Barrier. The COR and BRD are just buffer alts and stayed out of the range after buffs. Songs were Honor March/Minuet 4+5/Light Carol. DRK/SAM Rolls. SMN uses Hastega II from Garuda.

I was noticing the back to back Divine Favor & Holy ? spam. We were getting easy wins with all characters having prime number max HP (so we only take in damage from dice roll 1's) and SMN giving Earthen Armor, but I was curious about the Divine Favor spam because it seemed weird.

I tried not using dark runes (/RUN SJ) and this time and not using Shijin Spiral due to the plague debuff and only spamming Howling Fist or Raging Fists to avoid skillchains. No Dia either.

Lo and behold, it only used Divine Favor once as its first TP move then never used it again, it used Holy ? about 3-4 times, and the rest of its TP moves were Eerie Eye, Regal Scratch and Mewing Lullaby.

No more random 1 shot KO Holy ?'s and it felt like a normal Cait Sith fight at this point.

Update: using 2x Tenebrae on mnk/run caused it to spam Divine Favor from additional tests, supporting the idea that darkness and debuffs triggers the Divine Favor spamming which causes Holy ? attack to become stronger.

--Pve (talk) 7:34, 14 December 2021 (EDT)


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PUP/COR COR/THF Simple dual box.


  • Focus on fire maneuvers to force Bone Crusher. SCs don’t help much.
  • Steam Jacket is a must.
  • Drachen roll.
  • Fire, wind, light maneuvers
  • Chip away at Cait.
  • I use OD at 80% but gear will determine when to OD.
  • You can even wait for Benediction but clear times will be long.


  • Beast and Companion
  • Put TH on and get out.

-- 21:15, 5 September 2019 ‎User:Taint


I've been doing this with mastered PUP/NIN with some pretty basic A.Skirmish augmented gear. I win about 9/10 times, with the occasional bout of bad luck.

Puppet stats:

               <frame>valoredge frame</frame>
               <head>valoredge head</head>
               <slot02>inhibitor ii</slot02>
               <slot05>magniplug ii</slot05>
               <slot06>flame holder</slot06>
               <slot07>turbo charger</slot07>
               <slot08>coiler ii</slot08>
               <slot09>auto-repair kit iv</slot09>
               <slot10>steam jacket</slot10>
               <slot11>optic fiber ii</slot11>
               <slot12>optic fiber</slot12>


  sets.buff.Overdrive = {main="Ohrmazd",range="Animator P",
  head="Anwig Salade",neck="Shulmanu Collar",ear1="Enmerkar Earring",ear2="Rimeice Earring",
  body=gear.petDTBody,hands=gear.petDTHands,ring1="Varar Ring +1",ring2="Varar Ring +1",
  back="Visucius's Mantle",waist="Klouskap Sash +1",legs=gear.petDTLegs,feet=gear.petDTFeet}

Body, hands, legs, and feet are all Taeon augmented with DT-4%, DA+5%, and Accuracy +20 or greater. Ohrmazd is Pet: STR/DEX/VIT +14, Mag. Eva +13, PDT-4% Back is just haste+10

I have a decent reward set with Taeon pieces aug'd with reward+5 and all of the other reward accessories, praetik, guignol, and midnights (path D). They do make a difference when Cait Sith randomly decides to start chunking your automaton.

Pitre body, of course, for extra OD duration.

A good Overload down set for when you cast your maneuvers if you run out of overdrive time.

I swap Enmerkar with Domesticator's earring at PetTP >= 1000.


AATT, Monberaux, Ajido-Marujido, Arciela II, and Yoran-Oran (UC), they're inconsequential.

The main thing about this is I think it's often detrimental to use a tank trust, if overdrive is ticking away and the tank trust pulls hate during Mewing Lullaby that's precious seconds off of your timer.


  • Summon trusts
  • Wind Maneuver
  • Utsusemi
  • Fire Maneuver
  • Grape daifuku
  • Engage
  • Light Maneuver
  • Deploy
  • Poke with TH4
  • Press the OD button
  • Run 25' away, remain engaged so trusts do whatever it is they do, keep maneuvers up as they fall.

If your auto doesnt get to Benediction before the 1:59 minute mark on Overdrive, you're cutting it close, but don't give up. Auto can sometimes take out 10~15% HP on their own without overdrive.

I sometimes let the auto attack a bit before overdrive, but paralyze is bothersome if it lands, which it will if the auto is not SP'd.

Usual causes of failure are:

  • Stupid puppet
  • repeated Mewing Lullaby cutting off WS's
  • too many mewing lullaby followed by casting wasting OD time
  • occasionally Cait Sith goes berserk and destroys your puppet.
  • one shotted by a Cait Sith attack round before OD even starts (mainly why i started going /NIN)
  • HP ? Holy gets you before you can even get out of range

If you have 10~15% HP left and Overdrive falls pop Heady Artiface when its hp gets to about 25%~ish and ride Reward if you can. Automaton can sometimes do this on their own. No matter how tempting it may be, never get closer than 25' unless your auto is dead. Her abilities can both 1shot you (esp in Taeon) as well as cripple you, making it harder for your auto to do its thing.

This is probably the minimum gearset you'd need for somewhat consistent wins. Using malignance or nyame while you get out of range could deal with the occasional insta-gib from enlight or HP ? Holy, but I'm really lazy.

--Nattack (talk) 05:21, 11 February 2022 (EST)


Fairly easy solo on REMA MNK/RUN with trusts. TPing in a few Malignance pieces helps as well on -MDT and Magic Evasion. Use UC Healer Trust, Koru-Moru, Ulmia, Qultada, Sel'theus (though he can be replaced by just about anything that suits your playstyle).

Pop 2x Tenebrae. BEFORE fighting use Mantra as this will force Sel'theus to regen everyone's health to full at the start. This allows Ulmia/Qultada to last beyond the first HP ? Holy TP moves before your healer trust gets Shellra5 on the party. Use Valliation as the fight begins. Ride Counterstance for the entire fight. Try to use WS after her TP moves so you are not caught in a WS set when she uses HP ? Holy, and SC's don't do much damage anyway. After the first Benediction I use Pflug as Vallation wears off towards the end and this bridges the gap.

You rarely take any damage throughout the fight that a healer can't keep up with. Typically, between 1-3 Trusts will die from HP ? Holy as the fight progresses, and it is usually Seltheus, Ulmia or Qultada, which isn't a big deal because they will have buffed you already. Save your Chakra for the end of the fight in case it is just you and your Unity trust, or the Unity trust dies, which happens.

Very Easy

Just a note: she absolutely chews up trust tanks. Killed Lv. 120 (Filled memory gem) Amchuchu in two autos, and August in three, with Earthen Armor, Earthen Ward, and a /WHM Cure IV following the first auto. Apururu didn't even get a heal out before things were over.
I should have tried baiting Protect and Shell from Light Spirit pre-pull so she could maybe start healing immediately, but I really doubt that she would have been able to keep up anyway. May try again with Noctoshield or /RDM Phalanx, or with Gessho just to see, but it doesn't look promising when the first two attempts were already a loss ten seconds into the pull. Fizzy (talk) 00:33, 16 November 2020 (EST)

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