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Very Difficult

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Pretty easy with 2 (Su3) PUPs and no special gear outside Ambuscade. One set up as a tank, the other a ranger. Just sit back and watch. Emp (talk) 15:45, 12 March 2021 (EST)


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Very Easy

PUP/DNC trying to get that Divinator. Used my current Ambu buff/heal team. Apururu (any WHM that stays at range), Ulmia/Joachim/Koru-Moru for buffs, Selh'teus for obvious reasons, but actually might be able to sub a DPS...or tank for more TP freedom? Can't recall Selh'teus ever saving my life and Apururu never seemed close to running out of MP. I guess he occasionally SC'd with my Auto but I don't like that happening. I use VE Head/ShSh Frame strictly for DPS and I THINK we've been doing Fusion SCs together. Could do Light, but my Dragon Kick is weaker than my Howling Fist and my Auto's Arcubalista is stronger than his Armor Piercer. w/e. I've tried Puppet tanking but his DMG output is insane with that Light Blade thing, even on VE. I have mostly +1 Ambu gear. 115 Animator. Maxed Midnights with path 4.

Run in and hit a few times, then run to an edge of the field with your back to the edge. Try to make as much distance between yourself and the team you've assembled. Watch Apururu to make sure she is always unsilenced. Use Healing Waltz on her as needed. Keep self fully healed at all times except right after a Light Blade. Light blade can do 1700+. Right after a Light Blade I might do a SC with my Auto and build TP again, keeping my HP full just in case.

That's pretty much the whole fight. I'd love to know if his Light Blade can be blocked with Shadows. Or if Shadows are wiped by ALL his AoE spells and not just his AoE Wheel dmg thing.

-- 00:21, 9 February 2020‎ User:RSLogic

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