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Video and Walkthrough

Monk Strat is also an easy and fast win with the right setup MNK WHM RDM GEO BRD COR: --Faites 09:37, 31 October 2019 (GMT)

This can be done on any Difficulty.

Strategy - This fight is very simple. You fully buff a MNK then do 4-5 Step SC's to destroy Odin. BRD Cast in order: Minne, March, Minuet, Minuet COR: Chaos Crooked + Samurari...... Continued in Youtube Video -

Very Difficult

  • Jobs: PUP(Tank), RDM, SMNx2(Nirv), THF, COR(Regal).

Your mileage may vary based on your gear, but straightforward fight with no 1hrs needed and relatively safe. Automaton Tanks, RDM makes sure to keep Endark dispelled, Silence on, and other debuffs secondary to that. SMNs do Volt > Crush for Light. THF for THing, COR for PUP/BST Roll.

  • Overall about a 10 minute fight or so based on your Summoners.

Two things of note will be Zantetsuken X at ~50% which will kill the Automaton so be ready, and it can use Zantetsuken Kai under 50% which can one-shot the Puppet as well. Can always swap out a THF for another SMN or even a GEO but honestly you want TH for this fight. -- 23:12, 6 July 2019‎ Karbuncle



The whole point of this strategy is to deal 0 damage melee hits with non-iLvl weapons to Odin and avoid providing any TP. The damage will be done by 500+ damage/hit En-spells.
The only way to lose this fight is for Odin to become unsilenced during Manafont. Kaustra will instantly give TP and cause a wipe.
Otherwise, this is perhaps the simplest way to do the fight.

  • Tanked as BLU/NIN with enmity spells and dealt out en-damage. Between Paralyze and Slow, Odin was a joke to tank.
  • SMN grants En-fire, AoE Firestorm, etc.
  • BRD sings March, Madrigal, Wind Threnody II for RDM's JA Silence, and switches to Fire Threnody II afterwards.
  • RDM's job has already been made pretty clear, but if not they also melee and deal the bulk of the damage.
  • THF is just for TH. --Spicyryan (talk) 09:42, 19 September 2019 (EDT)


Long Fight, cleared with 2 minutes remaining. Silence stopped sticking for more then 10 seconds after around 40%. Stymie+Silenced after 2nd Manafont. Aoe Drain/Aspir was problematic thereafter. RDM standard buffs+debuffs > enspell down, Geo ran Indi-Focus and Geo-Mind. Enfeeble set on main debuff RDM was not best in slot. With further improvements would be smoother, but due to time taken is not advisable unless looking for a challenge. Dropped Nothing... Nvee666 (talk) 23:14, 12 June 2022 (EDT)


  • Jobs: PUP/COR, THF, RDM, WHM, SMNx2

Fairly easy fight, fought him about 10 times with this setup each time taking about five to seven minutes, fighting him on difficult with more summoners was fine, but he didn't drop anything in the five tries, switched one smn for a thf, and another for a whm, spammed normal with about a 50% chance something would drop, got the hat X2, body, and both rings.
Now for the strat: pup start the battle off with beast roll, use Steam Jacket (for endark), and other standard tank attachments. water, light, fire maneuvers did it for me. deus ex/repair on wipes (zentezuken X below 50%) and get your little puppet on there as fast as possible.

SMNs use ifrit > flaming crush, not much else to it, resummon when ifrit dies, wait for rage timer, assault > crush.
RDM buff the party with refresh, phalanx. try and keep odin debuffed and dispelled
THF get that TH on odin, enjoy tasting the floor for the rest of the fight
WHM didn't really do much but cure on converts and pro/shell at the start, raise when needed. could probably replace with another SMN for difficult/Very

Odin will get loose multiple times below 50% due to his X aoe death move, i recommend standing in the circle and whoever gets aggro runs clockwise around the stage until the pup gets enmity again -- 16:58, 13 June 2019‎ Alokin

  • Solo: RDM/NIN using ceremonial daggers + enspell method (no TP gain).

I was able to solo this on Normal as a RDM/NIN with 2000JP. The point of this method is to not give Odin TP, and so full blink tanking is required. Use a tier 1 enspell (avoid enblizzard; this seemed to deal less damage to Odin) with Composure and Temper II. I used full Malignance for Acc + MAcc, as well as a Rolanberry Daifuku for food. Or Marine Stewpot is an alternate and better choice for more MAcc. My enspells were dealing 303 additional effect damage per hit; this number can be pushed higher with better Enhancing Magic gear while casting the enspell.

Open with Saboteur and maintain Frazzle III, Paralyze II, Slow II, Distract III and Addle II on Odin. Also maintain your utsusemi shadows. The tricky part comes when he uses Manafont. At that point you'll want to quickly Saboteur > Silence him. If it sticks quickly, you should be able to finish the fight. But if you get resists, he may eventually cast Kaustra. I find that if he casts Kaustra when he's below 50% HP, he tended to use Zantetsuken almost immediately afterwards (even though I did not feed him TP).

Also note that this method may not work on lower difficulties because if you deal any physical damage to Odin, he will gain TP and use TP moves. The 1 damage Ceremonial Daggers (or other 1 damage daggers) are necessary in order to deal zero physical damage. I found that the 3 damage daggers would occasionally deal physical damage to Odin upon critical hits. -- 23 February 2021 Loq Asura


  • Solo NIN/WAR

Trusts were apu, cherukiki, koru, arciela, ulmia.
Turn whenever you see him cast dread spikes, RDM trusts will remove it pretty fast usually.
Eat defense food, and right before it's at 50% you'll want to pop defender and cast aisha: ichi (atk down) on it to prepare for the Zantsetsuken x move. Zantsetsuken x killed cherukiki, then it used Zantsetsuken x a second time, trusts lived it, just keep aisha on it. Keep up Migawari too.
Modified my tp set a bit for less multi atk and more crit/subtle blow incase I accidently landed an attack round during dread spikes i didn't want to quad atk myself to death. Not the most consistent though on easy, went 1/3. Having two rdms for dispel helped. Griffinx (talk) 04:17, 25 August 2019 (EDT) Griffinx Griffinx (talk) 04:17, 25 August 2019 (EDT) Asura

Very Easy

  • Solo PUP/WAR

Used Apururu(UC), Koru-Moru, Iroha II, Selh'Teus, Shantotto II.
Using pup tank with Soulsoother/Valoredge Strobe, Strobe II, Optic fiber, Optic fiber II, Auto Repair IV, Armor Plate IV, Armor Plate III, Mana Jammer IV, Heat Capacitor, Mana Jammer III, flashbulb, inhibitor. Keep up fire and light maneuvers switching between double fire and double light depending on HP of automaton.
The trust will die when it does (Zantsetsuken x?) which killed all trust and automaton. After the wipe of trusts and automaton, I used Deus Ex Automata then proceeded with Heavy Artifice for benediction and Overdrive for extra power since trust was gone. Run in get a hit or two and then run out depending on delay trying to avoid all moves it uses. Keep Oils +3 on hand and use as needed and fight is easy. Took about 20 mins. Blazingson (talk) 10:39, 15 June 2019 (EDT) Blazingson

  • Solo BLU/RDM

With Yoran, Koru, Selh't, August, Brygid (for defense buff). Took a little learning, but I was able to solo with trusts. Ate def food, saved Diffusion MG for close to 55% so my trusts would get def boost for Zantsetsuken x and used Saurian Slide to lower (-25%) his attack so they would survive.
Make sure attack buff from Yggr is dispelled! Blank Gaze works, or just don't drop him to 50% before Koru can dispell it, Yoran died to Zantsetsuken x in my first 2 attempts due to me not lining up buffs/debuffs/dispell and caused me to wipe. I had intended to use Bio II as /RDM, but I think Koru put up Dia III at some point according to my timers, so sub job is probably flexible.
Every time he did the Geriirothr, I cast Diamondhide so mages would have a buffer for the next time he used it, not sure how necessary/helpful it was. I wanted to try with MG, but Harden Shell might work better/more often. I'm sure this would not be successful 100% of the time, but it is possible. Davecus (talk)

  • Solo BLU/DNC with relative ease.

Followed above loosely, Trusts were Apururu, AAEV, Iroha II, King of Hearts and Brygid. Ate a random Def food i had on myself, nothing special. Diffusion MG ~60%, kept up Saurian Slide, Blank Gaze, tho it was a pain to land with all of the Intimidations. Maybe i just got lucky, but Zant. didn't hit anyone, and was only used once. I had Diamondhide set, but kept getting stunned out of casting it, so eventually stopped and just focused on killing it/keeping up Saurian Slide.
2nd Attempt pretty similar, used Black Curry Bun, same trusts, Apururu was killed off early by a double TP move (he did mainly his AoE damage TP move this time) Still no deaths to Zant X, and King of Hearts main healed with a few Plenilune's from myself. Dmhlucky

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