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Items that come from Salvage use to remove the Pathos that inflict players.

Cell and Pathos Quick Reference
Cell Pathos Removed
Incus Cell Encumbrance: Weapons
Undulatus Cell Encumbrance: Ranged
Castellanus Cell Encumbrance: Head and Neck
Virga Cell Encumbrance: Rings and Earrings
Cumulus Cell Encumbrance: Body
Radiatus Cell Encumbrance: Hands
Cirrocumulus Cell Encumbrance: Back and Waist
Stratus Cell Encumbrance: Legs and Feet
Duplicatus Cell Obliviscence: Support Jobs
Opacus Cell Impairment: Abilities
Praecipitatio Cell Omerta: Magic
Humilus Cell Debilitation: Maximum HP
Spissatus Cell Debilitation: Maximum MP
Pannus Cell Debilitation: Strength
Fractus Cell Debilitation: Dexterity
Congestus Cell Debilitation: Vitality
Nimbus Cell Debilitation: Agility
Velum Cell Debilitation: Intelligence
Pileus Cell Debilitation: Mind
Mediocris Cell Debilitation: Charisma