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Introduced in Treasures of Aht Urhgan, Salvage is an event divided into two difficulty levels designed for level 75 and level 99.

In most events, you begin with all your abilities, statistics, and equipment that you had obtained outside the area; however, in order to proceed through the Salvage areas and defeat the various notorious monsters and bosses within, you must start from scratch and work your way up. Because of the intense psionic field present in these ruins, no abilities, magic, weapons, sub jobs, or equipment are available to you at the start and your attributes will be severely hampered -- these must each be unlocked as you progress through the area.

The main objective of Salvage missions is the exploration of the archaeological remains of four areas (Zhayolm Remnants, Arrapago Remnants, Bhaflau Remnants, Silver Sea Remnants) and the eradication the archaic machinery that have run rampant within each tower.
To complete these missions, alliances must work as one, or the treasure that slumbers in the remnants' bowels will remain lost for eternity.

Salvage Levels

Salvage is divided into two separate difficulty levels - the original battles for level 75 and the expansion battles for level 99. While both take place in the same four areas, the enemies present, pathos unlock conditions, rewards, and more, are all completely unique.

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Salvage Areas

Remnants Portals

Area Name Location
Level 75 Level 99
 Arrapago Remnants  Arrapago Remnants II Northwest Portal, Alzadaal Undersea Ruins
 Bhaflau Remnants  Bhaflau Remnants II Southeast Portal, Alzadaal Undersea Ruins
 Silver Sea Remnants  Silver Sea Remnants II Northeast Portal, Alzadaal Undersea Ruins
 Zhayolm Remnants  Zhayolm Remnants II Southwest Portal, Alzadaal Undersea Ruins

General Information

The maximum time permitted in a remnants area is 100 minutes.

Salvage areas are instanced in the same way that Assault areas are used: multiple groups can occupy the same Remnants area at one time; however, they will be in completely separate instances of the area. Each area is comprised of five or seven floors, including a final floor with a boss from the Chariot family. The vast majority of enemies, floor clear conditions, notorious monster spawn conditions, and much more, are specific to each Remnants area. See the individual Remnants area pages for more detail.

Of note, any piece of gear that has an Assault-specific statistic on it gains those bonuses in Salvage as well. Salvage is also included as a Sanction area, so chosen Sanction bonuses such as Refresh (Status) will apply.

Five Pathos are automatically inflicted upon entering each remnants area and must be progressively unlocked as you ascend through the area. The unlock method differs between Level 75 Salvage and Level 99 Salvage.


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