Central Temenos - Basement II

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Central Temenos - Basement II
 Accessed From:  Holla Crag Dimensional Portal => Al'Taieu (H-4)
 Required to Access:
 Reward for Win:
Limbus Zone Overview
  • The chip traded for entry becomes dim and cannot be used again.
  • Time limit is 30 minutes, extended by 10 minutes for each of two bosses defeated.

Limbus Zone Notes

Temenos Aern x22
Temenos Ghrah x3, Pyrrha
Temenos Euvhi x10, Thalesek

  • Normal monsters drop varying quantities of Ancient Beastcoins:
    • Temenos Aern drop 1 coin.
    • Temenos Euvhi drop 2 coins, Thalesek drops 5 coins.
    • Temenos Ghrah drop 4-5 coins, Pyrrha drops 8 coins.
  • Pyrrha and Thalesek each extend the time remaining by 10 minutes upon defeat.
  • Pyrrha, Thalesek, and last Temenos Aern defeated drop an armoury crate containing 4-7 Ancient Beastcoins or a possible item drop.
  • Pyrrha and the Temenos Ghrahs run clockwise on the path shown on the map at high movement speed (~+75%). Pyrrha, the boss, is a hume-type, while the other three are in ball form and can transform to bird or spider form when engaged.
    • The ball-form Ghrahs have access to tier III -ga and tier V magic as well as Hexidiscs and Core Meltdown. Stunning the latter is highly recommended as it can deal extreme AoE damage if they have enough remaining HP, though they will die if they use it successfully.
    • The balls can be pulled off Pyrrha (sometimes without a link), but they will return to him if temporarily pulled away.
    • Pyrrha is very resistant to physical damage and has access to Mighty Strikes and Meikyo Shisui. He can use them each multiple times.
  • Thalesek is an open-form Euvhi and is surrounded by 10 closed Temenos Euvhis. The closed Euvhis do not aggro (but will link); Thalesek aggros and links true sound.
    • It is possible to pull/aggro the Euvhis and Flee to the north west/east corner to deaggro them. This can probably be used to pull the boss without adds.
    • The Euvhis will use their job's 2-hour ability.
    • The Euvhis are sleepable, and Sleepga targeting Thalesek will hit all of them.
    • The northern part of this room is safe from the roaming Ghrahs.
    • Thalesek uses three TP moves in a row.
  • Temenos Aerns are found in groups of 2-4 around the zone.
    • Aggro true sound and link.
    • Have various jobs and will use their job's 2-hour ability.
    • May (infrequently) reraise once upon defeat.
Limbus Area Map
Temenos Central BF1 Lv99.jpg