Crystalline Mission 11

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Ode of Life Bestowing
Series A Crystalline Prophecy
Starting NPC N/A
Title Silencer of the Echo
Repeatable No
Description The final confrontation awaits you within the Stellar Fulcrum...
Previous Mission Next Mission
Banishing the Echo A Crystalline Prophecy (Fin.)


  • Examine the Qe'Iov Gate in Stellar Fulcrum for a cutscene. Examine it again to begin the burning circle fight.
  • Your opponent will be a Seed Crystal. Instead of normal melee attacks, it has a ranged AoE magic-type attack. It will also frequently Draw-In whoever holds primary hate.
    • Has approximately 25,000 HP.
    • Has both strong Physical and Magical Defense.
    • Can cast: Stonega III, Waterga III, Aeroga III, Thundaga III, Firaga III, Blizzaga III
    • Has Draw In.
    • Special Attacks:
      • Seed of Nihility: AoE Damage low damage. It also causes all job ability timers on all party members to be set to their maximum recast within range of the move. This includes 2hr abilities.
      • Seed of Deference: AoE Charm, any player charmed by this move is put in a Seed Mandragora costume.
      • Seed of Deception: Makes a clone of targeted player called "Seed Thrall" and it will attack the player that has hate. Uses this move quite frequently during the fight.
      • Seed of Judgment: Knock-back AoE high damage.

"A Crystalline Prophecy" Key