Die by the Sword

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Qu'Bia Arena header.jpg
Battlefield Information
Location: Qu'Bia Arena Level Restriction: 30
Entry Item: Sky Orb icon.png Sky Orb Participation: 3 Members
Entry Currency: Beastmen's Seal icon.png 30 Beastmen's Seal Time Limit: 15 Minutes


Name Qty Type Job Notes
Gladiatorial Weapon 3 Evil Weapon Warrior

Abilities: Standard Evil Weapon Abilities

WS: Whispers of Ire, Flurry of Rage, Standard Evil Weapon TP Moves


  • Enemies have a weapon above their heads that denotes their current weaknesses. They will be immune to damage from any other sources
    • Ankhs = Blunt, Earth
    • Sword = Slashing
    • Lance = Piercing
    • At random times the enemies will simultaneously use a 2-hour animation (dust cloud) and lose all their immunities.
    • Immunities change each time they use TP.