Dungeons and Dancers

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Dungeons and Dancers
Series Wings of the Goddess
Starting NPC N/A
Title None
Repeatable No
Description Lilisette and Portia are being detained in a subterranean location somewhere beneath the Beaucedine Glacier Your rescue effort begins with a search for the entrance underground.
Previous Mission Next Mission
A Sanguinary Prelude Distorter of Time
Key ItemUmbra bug


  • Examine the Regal Pawprints Beaucedine Glacier (S) (G-9) for a cutscene.
    • This is west of the Campaign warp and on the same level as the tower; do not head down the ramp.
  • Examine the Regal Pawprints again to enter the battlefield at Everbloom Hollow.
  • You have 30 minutes to complete the mission. If you fail you can get another Key ItemAroma bug at (H-10).
  • There is very little fighting to do in this battlefield. Instead your goal is to reach the exit of this maze before time runs out.
  • Everyone in your party will receive two Ratstail Explosives to use at ??? in front of dead end walls.
  • Everyone in your party will also be given jars of Firesand.
    • These can be buried at specific color coded detonators near walls that can be blown up.
    • There are also several color coded switches scattered across the level. If you use a switch after you have buried Firesand at it's matching detonator, it will blow up another wall.
  • The mission will end when someone in your party finds the exit.
  • Here's the optimal path for the mission:
    • Go northwest to start and hug the right wall. Blow up the wall at (H/I-9), then blow up the wall to the north at (H-8). Double back and kill the Goblin Reaver, and obtain the 3 explosives. (Do not forget this! Check the ??? left in its place once per explosive.)
    • Blow up the wall to the southeast at (I-9), then proceed northeast until you reach the dead-end. Examine it for a cutscene. It tells you about Firesand, and also gives you a temp item Firesand, even though it doesn't say so.
      • Examine the dead-end again, and place the jar of Firesand.
    • Circle back to the wall you opened at (H-8) and continue through the opening. Go to (I-7/8) and trigger the green switch.
    • Go back to the dead-end where you left the Firesand and run through where the wall was to enter map 2.
    • Blow up the wall to the southeast at (G-8/9).
    • Travel east and blow up the wall at (I-9).
    • Continue southeast and examine the blue warp to exit.