Empty Desires

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Battlefield Information
Type: Kindred Crest Notorious Monster
Entry Item: Phobos Orb
Zone: Spire of Mea

Participants 6
Time Limit 15 minutes

Monster Information
Name Boss? Family Job Count
Recollector Check.gif Receptacle N/A 1
Quenchless Seether Eks.gif Seether WAR 12
Quenchless Craver Eks.gif Craver WAR 1
Forsaken Baelfyr Eks.gif Elemental N/A 1
Forsaken Gefyrst Eks.gif Elemental N/A 1
Forsaken Ungeweder Eks.gif Elemental N/A 1
Forsaken Byrgen Eks.gif Elemental N/A 1

Reward Information
Name Class Reward Type
Sortilege Scythe Scythe Transient Memory
Casso Sash Waist Transient Memory
Vile Elixir Medicine Transient Memory
Vile Elixir +1 Medicine Transient Memory
Hi-Reraiser Medicine Transient Memory
Ebony Log Item Transient Memory
Darksteel Ore Item Transient Memory
Chrysoberyl Item Transient Memory
Fluorite Item Transient Memory
Wyvern Scales Item Transient Memory
Jadeite Item Transient Memory
Ebony Log Item Transient Memory
Raxa Item Transient Memory
Fragrant Dhalmel Hide Item Transient Memory
Platinum Ore Item Transient Memory
Smooth Sheep Leather Item Transient Memory
Gain-MND Scrolls Transient Memory
Gain-AGI Scrolls Transient Memory
Aeroja Scrolls Transient Memory


  • Quenchless Seethers yield 10~200 memories each, with an additional bonus 800 for defeating every 25. They can be easily defeated in groups with -ga III/-ja spells, various blue magic, etc. and respawn very rapidly.
  • Each time the Forsaken Byrgen spawns, a message will be displayed warning players to defeat it within 1 minute (it is unknown what happens if the Byrgen is not successfully defeated within 1 minute). Defeating the other forsaken elemental monsters yields various temporary bonus status effects.
  • Quenchless Cravers spawn infrequently and yield 4000 memories each (they also have far more HP than any other monsters present, and may prove somewhat challenging to fight while being attacked by many other monsters).
  • Defeating the Recollector will end the battle.
  • The target memory amount is around 10,000. All players are rewarded with one Transient Imprint, and the orb user has a chance at additionally receiving a Transient Reminiscence.
    • Imprints and reminiscences can be redeemed for a random prize from the list above at Shami.