February 2020 Version Update Changes

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Name Icon LV iLV SuLV Slot Description Jobs
Mithkabob Shirt Mithkabob Shirt icon.png 1 0 0 Body DEF:1 All
Ligeia Sash Ligeia Sash icon.png 99 0 0 Waist DEF:14 "Elemental Siphon"+10 SMN
Ligeia Ring Ligeia Ring icon.png 99 0 0 Rings DEF:14 "Resist Silence"+7 "Resist Slow"+7 Silenced: "Refresh"+1 All


Name Icon LV iLV SuLV Skill Description Jobs
Burrower's Wand Burrower's Wand icon.png 1 0 0 Club DMG:1 Delay:264 All
Ligeia Scythe Ligeia Scythe icon.png 99 119 0 Scythe DMG:300 Delay:528 Element: Wind+28 Accuracy+28 Magic Accuracy+28 Scythe skill +242 Parrying skill +242 Magic Accuracy skill +188 Songs: Critical hit rate +10% WAR / BLM / DRK / BST

General Items

Name Icon Stack Description
Doll Mount Doll Mount icon.png 1 An astral notebook inscribed with sheet music on how to make a call appealing to a doll. Can be shown to Mapitoto in Upper Jeuno for recording so that you may ride a doll mount.

Usable Items


Key Items

Temporary Key Items


Adoulin Quests


  • Eternal Communer
  • Mireu Mincer