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Location: Southern San d'Oria - (I-11)
Type: Shopkeepers
Description: One of many Vana'diel shopkeepers, carrying a variety of items. Browse merchandise below:

Item Name

Price (gil)


Gysahl Greens 62
Chocobo Feather 7
Knight's Minne (Scroll) 16
Knight's Minne II (Scroll) 883
Knight's Minne III (Scroll) 5,262
Knight's Minne V (Scroll) 50,692
Dart 9 San d'Oria at least 2nd place in Conquest
Black Chocobo Feather 1,150 San d'Oria must be 1st place in Conquest


Must be San d'Oria Citizen

Pet Food Alpha 11
Pet Food Beta 82
Carrot Broth 55
Bug Broth 90
Herbal Broth 99
Carrion Broth 276
Chocobo Mazurka (Scroll) 50,784
La Theine Millet 2,028