Fourteenth Walk

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Walk of Echoes Header.png
Battlefield Information
Location: Walk of Echoes Level Restriction: 99
Entry Item: Kupofried's medallion Participation: 36 Members
Entry Currency: 1,000 Gil Time Limit: 45 Minutes
Title: Torchbearer of the 14th Walk
Surged: Illuminator of the 14th Walk

No pool drops in Walk of Echoes

Personal Pool:

Primary Drops

Surged Only:

Additional Drops
Non-Surged & Surged:

Surged Only:


Name Qty Type Job Notes
Barra Edinazu 2 Behemoth


Coeurl Prentice 6 Coeurl

Coeurl Tiro 6 Coeurl

Coeurl Mystic 4 Coeurl


  • All Coeurls used Charged Whisker (AoE Thunder damage) and Blink of Peril (Single target gaze- takes target to 5% HP and resets enmity.)
  • Additionally each Coeurl casts specific spells:
  • Tiro: Stonega III
  • Mystic: Slowga
  • Prentice: Silencega

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