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In an impossible place between all dimensions, vile monsters await.

Walk of Echoes is a battlefield system where players face off against battlefields of monsters.
Through the subsequent completion of battlefields, an eventual surge of energy occurs in the foes within and Surged Walk takes place.

Coins dice and residue are the primary rewards from Walk of Echoes.
Players use these through the Trial of the Magians in order to create Walk of Echoes Weapons and unlock their Empyrean Weaponskills

How to Enter

Walk of Echoes battlefields are accessible to players level 70+ who have at least started the WoTG mission Cait Sith. You just need to have the mission flagged.

Players may gain entry into Walk of Echoes Battlefields from a Veridical Conflux at H-9 in Xarcabard (S) with the use of a Kupofried's medallion.

This is a key item obtained by examining the Veridical Conflux. Initially you will see a brief cutscene during which you can pay 1000g to obtain a Kupofried's medallion. This is used up upon entry into one of the fights and you may purchase a new Kupofried's medallion for each new fight. Once you have obtained a medallion, click on the Veridical Conflux to enter the Walk of Echoes zone. Once inside you can choose which, of several, battlefields to enter. Not all confluxes may be immediately available on every server. They must be unlocked by repeatedly winning the lesser tier fights. Once unlocked they will be available to the entire server.

There is a cooldown of approximately 10 mins before anyone is able to re-enter the same conflux.


Inside Walk of Echoes there are several numbered Veridical Conflux. Each one acts as the entry point to a separate battlefield. Battlefields are open to entry by anyone (up to a cap of 36 players) until until the fight within is 50% complete. There is a time limit of 45 minutes for each fight. Once you enter a conflux the timer starts when you engage your first monster.

Each fight consists of 1 or more bosses and a series of lesser mobs. These vary depending on which conflux you enter. To win, you must defeat the bosses within the conflux you have entered. It is not necessary to defeat all the lesser mobs although many choose to kill them (may affect experience points received). These lesser mobs will despawn when the final boss is defeated.

A raise is automatically applied to anyone K.O'd after 30 seconds of being defeated.

Tier I
First Walk Second Walk Third Walk
Tier II
Fourth Walk Fifth Walk Sixth Walk
Tier III
Seventh Walk
Tier IV
Eighth Walk Ninth Walk Tenth Walk
Tier V
Eleventh Walk
Tier VI
Twelveth Walk Thirteenth Walk Fourteenth Walk
Tier VII
Fifteenth Walk

Ordinary Walks

The original Walk of Echoes battlefields (#1-7) were designed to be fought by characters level 70+. Gradually, more walks were added in various version updates for higher level players up till level 95+.

In addition to the NQ armor and spoils, defeating the Ordinary Walks has a chance of starting a Surge Walk.

Surge and Endowed Walks

Surge walks are existing walks retooled for content level 119+. Clearing these walks yields Capacity Points and higher level versions (+1) of existing Walk of Echoes equipment.

  • It is not required to have the NQ Walk of Echoes equipment to receive the +1 version.

Clearing an Ordinary Walk has a chance to cause that walk to enter surge mode.

  • Upon a walk becoming surged the message "A raging howl blasts from the abyss surrounding walk no. xx" will be visible from anywhere in the zone.

As monsters within the field are killed or bosses are staggered the Walk may also become endowed. In an Endowed Walk, players currently participating in a battle and those that enter afterwards receive a large amount of temporary items in addition to a bonus to their post-victory evaluations.

Both a Surged and Endowed Walk will end after a battle has ended causing the Walk to revert to its ordinary state.

Players may confer with the Echo Disseminator at the entrance of Walk of Echoes to view the Surged/Endowed status of each conflux.


Rewards come in the form of Experience Points, Capacity Points, coins (used in Trial of the Magians weapon upgrades), synthesis materials, scrolls, Devious Die, Liminal Residue and armor. Also the rate at which sacks containing Coins, Die and Reside was increased and will often be in place of the old single item drop. After defeating the final boss, you will be warped out and then you collect your reward from the chest next to the Echo Disseminator. The rewards in the chest are individual and has no effect on what rewards others fighting in the same conflux receive.

Additional Information

  • Titles are obtained by anyone participating in a successful clear
  • There is no xp loss when being K.O.'d
  • It is possible to skillup inside Walk of Echoes battlefields
  • Upon the death of a mob, other mobs in the area may move towards the kill site. Players can avoid aggro by moving away from where the last mob was killed

Monthly Adventurer Campaigns

There is one type of campaign that may run any given month.

Surge Walk Campaign

  • When this Monthly Adventurer Campaign is active, all Walks in the Walk of Echoes become surged.
    • The walks do not automatically change to Surged at the time of the campaign activation. A Walk must be defeated at least once during the campaign.
      • Surge walks have a chance at dropping the +1 armor from Walk of Echoes. There is not a higher chance to obtain any given piece, but because the walks are always surged, many more copies of these items are generated.
    • Additionally, Experience Points and Capacity Points gained upon completing a walk are tripled.