North West Apollyon

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Obtained From...
 Accessed From:  Dem Crag/Al'Taieu
 Required to Access:  Red Card and Cosmo-Cleanse
 Reward for Win:  Magenta Chip
Limbus Zone Overview
  • Each Floor except last has 3 Time Chests, 1 Restore Chest and 1 Items Chest.
  • Last floor has only Items Chest
  • Time Chests and Restore Chests are always up.
  • Item Chest drops from the Boss of each floor.
  • All chests can be opened.
  • Vortex opens randomly after defeating one of normal enemies on each floor.

Artifact Upgrade Information

Floor-by-Floor Information

Floor Map: 1st Floor
Apollyon NW 1st Floor Map
Floor Information: 1st Floor
Boss: Pluto x1 ~11,000 HP.
Other Enemies: Bardha x7 ~8000 HP.
Points of Interest:
  • All mobs can be slept with Sleep spell, although Boss is a little resistant without Elemental Seal.

Floor Map: 2nd Floor
Apollyon NW 2nd Floor Map
Floor Information: 2nd Floor
Boss: Zlatorog x1 ~11,000 HP.
Other Enemies: Mountain Buffalo x7 ~9000 HP.
Points of Interest:

Floor Map: 3rd Floor
Apollyon NW 3rd Floor Map
Floor Information: 3rd Floor
Boss: Millenary Mossback ~20,000 HP.
Other Enemies: Apollyon Scavenger x7 ~5,000 HP.
Points of Interest:
  • Apollyon Scavenger is very weak.
  • Boss has very high defense (both physical and magical although Blizzard is the less resistant of the magical spells).
  • Unlike the Items Chests of other floors this one usually only contains 1 AF+1 ingredient and nothing else, although it's possible to contain coins and one Synthesis Material.

Floor Map: 4th Floor
Apollyon NW 4th Floor Map
Floor Information: 4th Floor
Boss: Cynoprosopi ~15,000 HP.
Other Enemies: Gorynich x7 ~6000 HP.
Points of Interest:
  • The wyverns drop 2 coins each.
  • Boss is very resistant to Blizzard, Thunder works very well.
  • Recommended to fight Boss near Restore Chest.

Floor Map: 5th Floor
Apollyon NW 5th Floor Map
Floor Information: 5th Floor
Boss: Kaiser Behemoth ~15,000 HP.
Other Enemies: Kronprinz Behemoth x3 ~7000 HP.
Points of Interest:


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