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A land few mortals can ever hope to glimpse -- an impossible place that brings forth both destruction and creation.
It all begin with a stone, or so the legend says....
Map of Provenance

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Zone Name


Walk of Echoes ?-?

Zone Name


Notorious Monsters

Name Level Position Spawn Condition Aggro Notable Drops
Provenance Watcher Provenance Protocrystal BC
Crystal Fetter Provenance Protocrystal Spawned by Provenance Watcher after successfully casting a spell.
Asb Provenance Crystal BC
Pil Provenance Crystal BC
Rukh Provenance Crystal BC
Sarbaz Provenance Crystal BC
Shah Provenance Crystal BC
Wazir Provenance Crystal BC


Type Battlefield Name Requirement Level Cap Time Limit Party Members
Voidwatch Beguiling Radiance Kupofried's corundum None 30 minutes 18
Voidwatch Maddening Radiance Kupofried's corundum None 30 minutes 18
Voidwatch Seductive Radiance Kupofried's corundum None 30 minutes 18
Voidwatch Provenance Watcher Beguiling petrifact, Maddening petrifact, and Seductive petrifact None 30 minutes 18


  • This zone is only accessible to those who have progressed sufficiently far in the Voidwatch storyline.
  • Provenance is entered through a section of Walk of Echoes that can only be accessed via the Veridical Confluxes in Pashhow Marshlands (S) (near the Gate Crystal) and Grauberg (S) (in Witchfire Glen). The glimmering ??? inside the zone is used to transport the player to Provenance. The Grauberg (S) entrance can only be used by those who have progressed to the final battles of the Wings of the Goddess storyline.
  • The Planar Rift inside the zone serves as a zone exit back to Walk of Echoes.
  • The Regal Pawprints inside the zone can be used to upgrade atmacites and change equipped atmacites.