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Weapon Skill Information
Description: Delivers a fivefold attack. Damage varies with TP.
Weapon Type: Great Sword (357 Skill) Target: Single
Class: Physical
Stat Modifier: 73~85% STR
Attack Modifier: 0.85
TP Modifier 1000 TP 2000 TP 3000 TP
fTP: 0.71875 1.5 2.25
Skillchain: Light / Fragmentation / Scission
Command: /ws "Resolution" <stnpc>
Job Level Information
Level Jobs
96 RUN
96 DRK
96 WAR
96 PLD
Merit Points Information - Resolution
Group: Weapon Skill Ranks: 5
Effect: 73% STR mod on 1st merit, +3% for 2nd-5th merits. 85% STR mod at 5/5.
Quest Required: Martial Mastery


  • This weaponskill has its fTP transferred across all hits, making Elemental Gorgets and Elemental Belts excellent neck and waist gear options.
  • The bolded, italicized Skillchain property is only available while under the effects of Aeonic Aftermath.
  • Even if you have the weaponskill acquired from another job and have the combat skill required to perform the WS you will not get it until lvl 96