Run Wild

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Job Ability Information
Job Beastmaster
Type Level  
Level Obtained 93
Description Your familiar will gain heightened powers, but will disappear when the effect expires.
Duration 05:00
Recast 15:00
Cumulative Enmity ?? Volatile Enmity ??
Command /ja "Run Wild" <me> 
Job Points
Category Run Wild Effect Ranks Available 20
Effect of each Rank Increases duration by 2 seconds.


  • Grants a +25% bonus to Pet: Attack, Accuracy, Magic Attack Bonus, Magic AccuracyVerification Needed, Evasion, and Defense bonus and adds a Regen effect, but the pet disappears after 5 minutes.
    • Glitch: Using Leave at 4:58 and resummoning a pet at the 5 minute point when it normally would have disappeared grants you a ghost pet. See references.
    • Pet is required to be engaged before ability will activate