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Entry Requirements and Details



  • The maximum time permitted in a remnants area is 100 minutes.
  • Remnant zones are instanced, so multiple groups can occupy a single Remnants zone (They will not be able to interact with each other though)
  • Equipment statistics with the requirement "Assault" or "Salvage" will activate during Salvage
  • Players will receive the benefits of Sanction
  • Arrapago Remnants II may only be entered once per Earth day, resetting at 0:00 JST while the other 3 zones may be entered after obtaining a new Remnants Permit

Remnants Areas

Area Location
Arrapago Remnants II Northwest Portal, Alzadaal Undersea Ruins
Bhaflau Remnants II Southeast Portal, Alzadaal Undersea Ruins
Silver Sea Remnants II Northeast Portal, Alzadaal Undersea Ruins
Zhayolm Remnants II Southwest Portal, Alzadaal Undersea Ruins

Removing Pathos

Players are afflicted with pathos upon initiation of the event. These pathos reduce players' HP, MP, and Attributes as well as remove players' sub job, access to spells, and access to abilities or weapon skills. Pathos can be removed in several ways:

1. Initial Runic Lamp

  • Appears at the first floor near the start of each Remnants II area
  • Enables players to remove a total of 10 pathos from a combination of the following:
    • Encumberment (Main/Sub Weapons) x2
    • Impairment (Job Abilities/Weapon Skills) x1
    • Omerta (Magic) x1
    • Obliviscence (Sub Job) x1
    • Impairment/Omerta/Obliviscence (Job Abilities/Weapon Skills or Magic or Sub Job) x1
    • Encumberment (Any equipment, including another possible Main/Sub Weapons) x1
    • Debilitation (Any attribute) x2
    • Debilitation (HP or MP) x1

2. Defeating Pathos-Unlocking Enemies:

  • Removes 1-4 pathos
  • Enemies unlock specific types of pathos (See individual Remnants II pages for details)
    • The majority of pathos are guaranteed to unlock as long as one or more players still has the restriction in place.
  • The player selected for pathos removal is random
    • Pathos unlocks from one defeated enemy are randomly distributed and may go to more than one player.
      • Locked pathos will be removed randomly from any player who entered the Salvage area, regardless of whether they are in or out of the party, KO'ed, or disconnected (for KO'ed or disconnected members, any unlocked pathos will be unlocked immediately upon revival or reconnection).
    • The selection will be limited to the players who still have the restriction in place, so if a pathos is to be unlocked, it will always unlock from someone.

3. Subsequent Runic Lamps

  • Appears at the entry portal of each new floor
  • Unlike the initial runic lamp, the charges displayed by subsequent runic lamps may be allocated to any pathos
    • (ex: If the lamp displays 15 charges, you may remove any pathos listed 15x)
    • The type of pathos listed depends on the pathos unlocked during the previous floor
  • The number of available uses depends on the number of pathos-unlocking enemies defeated during the previous floor. The ratio of enemies defeated to available lamp uses varies in each area.



Unlike in Level 75 Salvage, Cotton Coin Purses are not guaranteed from notorious monsters, but can drop from all notorious monsters, all Acrolith-type monsters, and a handful of other monsters specific to each Remnants area with a ~10% drop rate. Within each area there is at least one section which includes Archaic Machines that have guaranteed Alexandrite drops. Additionally, Linen Coin Purses are available from the NQ boss of an area with a ~12% drop rate and from the HQ boss of an area guaranteed. See zone-specific pages for more detail.


Reference Salvage Level 99 Rewards for a complete listing of the final completed armor pieces as well as all upgrade components. Level 45 armor upgrade components are dropped exclusively from the NQ and HQ bosses in each area. Design plans for upgrading the armor are dropped from various notorious monsters in each area (there are five types of set-specific design plans, and the obtainable types depend on the Remnants area and notorious monsters fought).

Monthly Adventurer Campaigns

There is one type of campaign that may run any given month. Due to the rewards being outdated, we have not seen this campaign for awhile.

Design Plan Drop Rate Doubled Campaign