Silver Sea Remnants Guide

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This guide is designed for ~3 level 99 players. It assumes that you will be fairly well geared and knowledgeable. There are a variety of job combinations that can do the things described in this guide, but the same basic strategy applies.

The trip to level 99 has left Salvage monsters somewhat impotent, and utterly at the mercy of any evasive player. Using evasive DDs will make your Salvage experience a lot less stressful on your healers.

Party Setups

You should only need 3 people to complete this zone with near-maximum efficiency. It's a kill-fest, and the zone gives you many excess cells though, so there is very little penalty for bringing extra players (especially support jobs like Bard). You can expect everyone to be sufficiently geared by the end of the second or third floor, depending which path you pick.

Option 1: DDs/Healer party:

  • 2x DDs (At least one THF recommended if you want drops, but not necessary for cells or NM pouches here)
  • 1x Healer (RDM or SCH are best, WHM can also work)
  • This party will be able to clear four NMs and the boss with time to spare.

Option 2: Throw BSTs at it

  • 1-3 BSTs, and make sure you have at least two TH pets if you want Treasure Hunter for 35 armor.
    • A solo BST can likely clear the zone up to the boss.
  • 0-2 Anything else, other BSTs, Healers, COR, or a good SMN preferred.
  • 2 BSTs will likely be able to do approximately as well as the DDs/Healer setup above

Cell Distribution

There is nothing special about cell distribution in Silver Sea Remnants, except that you don't need to value Treasure Hunter slots for your Thief because there are so many cells floating around.

Mage Cells : MP (Spissatus), Magic (Praecipitatio), MND (Pileus), INT (Velum), and CHR (Mediocris)

  • If all you have is a WHM, you should consider giving them Refresh armor cells early on as well.
    • Typically Body (Cumulus), and potentially head (Castellanus), ring (Virga), and legs (Stratus)
  • If you have a SCH healer, they will need Job Abilities (Opacus) and Sub Job (Duplicatus) before the end of the first floor.
  • If you have a RDM healer, they will need a Sub Job (Duplicatus) cell from the starting chest.
  • If you have a BRD or COR, they will need a Ranged (Undulatus) cell.

Melee Cells : Melees get priority on all but the 5 Mage Cells.

  • PUP, BST, and RNG will need a Ranged (Undulatus) cell


Silver Sea Remnants drops a lot of cells over the first two floors. The first and most important thing you can do is make at least 10 spaces in your inventory. Do not wait for anything that you don't absolutely have to wait for. After you're satisfied with your cells, load your lightluggage cell-passing profile.
Notorious Monsters in this zone are easy to spawn, and four of them drop Cotton Pouches 100% of the time, which makes it an ideal zone to farm solo without a Thief, on Beastmaster for instance.

Recommended Supplies:

  • Attack food
  • Echo Drops
  • Some PDT gear for the final room on the first floor.
  • BSTs: Several pets, with Pet food and a spare Dawn Mulsum or two.
  • A throwing weapon, if using a WHM healer.

Floor 1

  • Enter, open the chest, and open the west (right as you face the chest) door.
    • Lot and pass quickly, but don't wait for people to lot/pass any longer than you have to.
  • Kill a few Fomor to get one of your melee some armor, but don't waste your time killing too many.
    • Generally pulling the first Monk one and the three in the front of the right room (MNK, THF, RNG) is all I recommend.
  • Put up Phalanx and toss on some PDT gear if you can, and run in and supertank all of the Fomor in the southern-most room.
    • Beware Aegis Schism.
  • After all six Fomor are dead, Hammerblow Majanun will spawn. (100% Pouch)
    • Send the LVP to the porter while the rest of the party kills it.

Floor 2

Path 1:

  • Head to the Southeast corner of the map from the Teleporter.
  • You will need to kill everything in this room. Ashu Talif Crew follow active Devilets and vice versa, but neither links with its own species. They technically aren't even linking, because the "linked" monster has to aggro you in order to start attacking.
    • They cannot be slept, but with Phalanx and a healer it is possible to tank quite a few (~6) at once.
    • Ashu Talif Crew are unable to use TP moves unless accompanied by a Devilet, in which case they will all TP at the same time as the Devilet.
      • Coupled with their magic that still hits very reliably against 99 players, this makes Red Mage Fomor easily the most dangerous
    • You can avoid amnesia from the Imps by using Barfira (and Baramnesra if you have it).
  • Once all the Fomors are dead, Powderkeg Yanadahn will pop. Kill her. (100% Pouch)
  • Loot the chests, then warp up to the next floor.

Path 2:

  • Head to the Northwest corner of the map from the Teleporter.
  • Kill Deadpan Devilet, who hits pretty hard on armorless players. (0% Pouch)
    • For BST, just put your pet on it.
    • This spawns Dekka
  • Kill Dekka, who has low damage/hit but permanent Hundred Fists (0% Pouch)
    • For BST, just put your pet on it.
  • Warp up to the next floor after raiding the chests.

Floor 3

Path 1:

  • Run until you reach a door, then buff and prepare yourself before opening it.
    • Opening it will spawn 4 Gears/4 Ramparts on the other side of the door. They will be non-aggro for about 30 seconds and the ramparts will not spawn Reinforcements (undead) for a minute. You want to aggro the four gears and pull them north in the 30 seconds between when they aggro and when Reinforcements show up.
  • When you are done, buff again, open the door and continue North in a hurry. This is similar to the last door in that it spawns monsters in front of you.

Path 2:

  • Kill the 8 Archaic Gears for Cells.
  • Kill Gyroscopic Gear
  • Kill the Devilet to unlock the door. He moves at near Flee speed.
    • Runs away every 12.5% HP
    • For BSTs, just put your pet on it.
  • Go South to the door and buff yourself. Opening the door will spawn two rooms of Archaic Machinery towards the center of the level, one of which you will want to pull before the Ramparts spawn undead Reinforcements and make everything more complicated.

Both Paths:

  • Run West as fast as possible and pull all the gears (at once) out of the main room (preferably East).
  • Head East from the center of the floor and kill every Archaic Gear/s in the room.
    • If you aggro an Archaic Rampart, kill it, but they still have enough HP to be annoying at 99 and may not be worth your time.
    • Once all the Gear and Gears are dead, Gyroscopic Gears will spawn (100% pouch).
  • Pull and kill Gyroscopic Gears. This is much faster at 99, because he takes more damage/hit and Restorals less.
  • After the kill, pull the remaining ramparts until you find one that aggros but doesn't move.
    • Killing this stationary Rampart unlocks the door to the next floor.
  • If you are running short on time or fear the gear train, you can go up at the west porter and farm a little Alexandrite then kill the boss.

Floor 4

East Side:

  • At level 75, popping and killing Citadel Chelonian was a difficult task that took near-perfect group coordination, timing, and sacrifice pulls. At 99, it's a damned joke that takes three people. There are still a few important things about it though.
  • As soon as you enter the floor, start running towards the center. You will reach a large room with four ramparts, a chariot, and a bunch of gears.
  • You will want your Thief to be the puller and the closest one to the room, especially when fighting.
  • Pull the Archaic Chariot and any other gears that want to come with him.
    • At some point another 6 Archaic Gear-s that show up and aggro you.
    • The train spends quite a while in the room, so you have some warning.
      • Try and use this warning to make absolutely sure the Thief or evasive DD aggros them. This includes not sleeping links further out than the Thief.
  • When the train shows up, have the Thief, who likely aggroed them, supertank them and take them out.
    • If hate is on someone else, Aeolian Edge is a good way to pull it off them. You are no longer a "super" tank at that point though, so there's no going back.
  • Once the roaming gear train is dead, pull and kill everything else in the room, Ramparts first and making sure to fight near a wall (not near the middle of the room).
  • At this point, a Rampart should spawn in the center of the room. Wait a moment, and it will spawn Citadel Chelonian.
  • Pull and kill Citadel Chelonian, then go to the porter to the 6th floor.

West Side:

  • Kill as many Archaic Machinery as you want/have time for, and then port up to the 6th floor.

Floor 5

  • Long-Armed Chariot is a joke for BST (put on your pets and use food), but a pain for everyone else. His Characteristic move is Brainjack, which is single target Charm with pretty strong DoT (25HP/tick), so Charmed players cannot be slept.
    • Players must be kept at high HP (>525 HP) so that they don't die before Brainjack wears off
    • Once Long-Armed Chariot uses Brainjack once, he will spam it for about the next minute on anyone in range until he has everyone charmed.
      • This "spam mode" is triggered at certain HP thresholds (74%/49%/24%), but the ability's range is fairly short.
    • He's blind against any character with an ounce of evasion.
    • Buff the melee, send it in. The mage should have Stoneskin and Blink on.
    • Melee does 25% damage, Mage casts Dia II towards the end of that, and makes sure their HP is topped off.
    • Both players get charmed (it lasts a minute unresisted or 30 seconds resisted).
    • When you uncharm (melee will be first), use a healing item and get back to work.
    • Repeat 3-4 times for the win.
    • It is a good idea to make sure the mage has a weak weapon on (like a staff on a Red Mage).
  • He is annoying, but much less threatening than he was at 75.