Survival of the Wisest

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Survival of the Wisest
Required Fame Other Fame Level: Unknown
Level Restriction: Level 66+ Scholar
Starting NPC Prof. Schultz, Xarcabard
Pack None
Title Grimoire Bearer
Repeatable No
Description What will be the first and final assignment given to you by Gunther Schultz II, the legendary reformer of military strategy? Your rite of passage begins by obtaining a scholar's testimony...
Previous Quest Next Quest
Seeing Blood-red New Worlds Await
Raises level limit to 75.


  • Zone into Xarcabard to get a cutscene (Teleport-Vahzl works as well).
  • Obtain a Scholar Testimony, dropped by Orcish Stonechuckers in East Ronfaure (S).
    • Other orcs of same lv may also drop the Testimony.
  • Travel to the Throne Room to get a cutscene at the door, then trade the testimony to start the fight. All buffs are lost upon entering, as well as subjobs.
  • There are 2 enemies to fight, Schultz and his Crimson Grimoire, both unsleepable or very difficult to sleep. It is recommended to start quickly as both of them will be buffed if too much time is wasted. The Grimoire has much less HP, and is recommended to be killed first as it will not cast often and instead come to you and melee. It should be noted that it did attempt to cast Pyrohelix, although strangely enough Water IV only healed it's HP. Thunder 4 took down more then half of it's life.
  • Schultz will give up at around 20% or so. The Grimoire does not have to be killed to win.


  • Does not need to be completed (for level limit increasing) if the player has already completed New Worlds Await or better.