Template:Bastok Mission Checklist

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USAGE: Define Active-Color (the color for active missions), Complete-Color (the color for completed missions), and Default-Color (for missions that have not been accepted yet). Each mission line may be notated with "Active" or "Done." Omission of any mission, or writing anything other than "Active" or "Done" for any mission, will result in the mission being marked as default/unaccepted.

To make the list show up in two columns, set the Multi-Column parameter to "yes".


{{Bastok Mission Checklist
<!-- Configuration -->
|Active-Color = red
|Complete-Color = green
|Default-Color = blue
|Multi-Column = no
<!-- Missions -->
|The Zeruhn Report = 
|A Geological Survey = 
|Fetichism = 
|The Crystal Line = 
|Wading Beasts = 
|The Emissary = 
|The Four Musketeers = 
|To the Forsaken Mines = 
|Jeuno = 
|Magicite = 
|Darkness Rising = 
|Xarcabard, Land of Truths = 
|Return of the Talekeeper = 
|The Pirate's Cove = 
|The Final Image = 
|On My Way = 
|The Chains That Bind Us = 
|Enter the Talekeeper = 
|The Salt of the Earth = 
|Where Two Paths Converge =