Thanks for All the Fish

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Thanks for All the Fish
Required Fame Outlands Fame Level: Unknown
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Jourdenaux, Rabao - (F-8)
Pack Rise of the Zilart
Title Fish Whisperer
Repeatable No
Description Lu Shang's fishing rod has a hidden power deep inside, which Jordenaux has offered to draw forth if he deems you worthy--by collecting 60 types of fish and fulfilling all Records of Eminence objectives in the "Fishing (Tenacity)" category.
Previous Quest Next Quest
None None
Lu Shang's Fishing Rod
Lu Shang's Fishing Rod +1


You must first complete the First Step Forward Records of Eminence objective

  • Speak to Jourdenaux to flag this quest.
  • This will unlock a new Records of Eminence category "Fishing > Fishing (Tenacity)"
  • You must now do the following:
    • Catch 60 different types of fish
      • You can use any rod to accomplish this.
      • Catching the fish can be done in tandem to completing the Fishing (Tenacity) objectives, or the fish can have been caught previously.
      • Use Katsunaga to tell you how many types of fish you have caught so far.
    • Complete all Fishing (Tenacity) objectives
      • You must complete all of the objectives under this category using only your Lu Shang's Fishing Rod.
      • Lures to catch multiple fish at once is effective for certain tasks that require many fish.
  • After completing all of the objectives, trade your Lu Shang's Fishing Rod to Jourdenaux to complete the quest and for your reward.