The Flying Machine of Eld

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The Flying Machine of Eld
Required Fame Jeuno Fame Level: Unknown
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Jeridade, Upper Jeuno
Pack None
Title None
Repeatable No
Description Jeridade has a dream: to create a flying machine for the ages. If you have any leads, be sure to bring them to Mapitoto.
Previous Quest Next Quest
Full Speed Ahead! None
Must have completed Awakening in order to access The Celestial Nexus II
Green Chip icon.png Green Chip
Infinity Core icon.png Infinity Core
Vlg. Coffer Key icon.png Ve'Lugannon Coffer Key
Cluster Cycle Quest.gif Elemental Crystal Cluster x38
Levitus icon.png Levitus key


  • Approach the chocobo stable in Upper Jeuno (G-7).
  • You may have to zone after completing the previous quest.
  • You will need to proceed to the basement (H-9, Map 1) or warp to the FauregandiFei'YinHome Point #2.
  • Then proceed back upstairs from (E-7, Map 2) to (G/H-6, Map 1) to run through the fake wall and to the Apparatus. All apparatuses are hidden like this.
  • Curio Vendor Moogles sell the Coffer Key for 5,000 gil.
  • If you are in a party, all members will receive the Key Item when one member opens a coffer.
  • Once obtained, the status will persist after obtaining it in another zone and returning.
  • Trade the Green Chip icon.png green chip and Infinity Core icon.png infinity core to the apparatus.
  • The apparatus will then ask for 38 Cluster Cycle Quest.gif elemental crystal clusters. Any combination of elements works.
  • Bringing these ahead of time helps as you won't find out until after trading the chip and core.
  • Trade the stacks of crystal clusters to obtain the Whirring engine Key Item.
  • Return to Mapitoto to get the Levitus key Key Item.
    • Note: The Levitus inventory item exists in the game, but you are given the Key Item directly.


Strange Apparatus, Fei'Yin.
Fei'Yin Map 1
Fei'Yin Map 2
Coffer, Ve'Lugannon Palace.
Ru'Aun Gardens
Ve'Lugannon Palace Map 2
Ve'Lugannon Palace Map 2.jpg
Ve'Lugannon Palace Map 3
Ve'Lugannon Palace Map 3.jpg
Ve'Lugannon Palace Map 4
Ve'Lugannon Palace Map 4.jpg
Ve'Lugannon Palace Map 5
Ve'Lugannon Palace Map 5.jpg
Ve'Lugannon Palace Map 6
Ve'Lugannon Palace Map 6.jpg
Ve'Lugannon Palace Map 7
Ve'Lugannon Palace Map 7.jpg
Ve'Lugannon Palace Map 8
Ve'Lugannon Palace Map 8.jpg