Full Speed Ahead!

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Full Speed Ahead!
Required Fame Jeuno Fame Level: 1
Level Restriction: Level 20
Starting NPC Mapitoto - Upper Jeuno (G-7)
Pack None
Title Raptor Wrangler
Repeatable No
Description Hop on board Mapitoto's slightly ornery raptor and head to Batallia Downs. Seek out Syrillia once you have arrived.
Previous Quest Next Quest
Chocobo's Wounds The Flying Machine of Eld


  • Speak to Mapitoto on any job level 20 or higher.
  • Accept the offer to feed her Raptor as it is trying to bite off her nose like it's a little-wittle sausage.
  • She will mark several locations on your map to go.
    • These are viewable on the map under the green NPC marker section.
  • Travel to the points on the map. There is very visable a pillar of light on the ground to show when you are getting close.
    • Be aware that the food is inside the burrows.
    • You will need to get 5 of these foods.
  • The raptor will get agitated and slower as you take longer to get to the food.
    • This is indicated by the motivation bar slowly depleting.
    • When the pep bar has reached 50% or more you may /cheer to give the raptor a second wind and refill part of its motivation bar.
  • Successfully feeding the raptor will result in a message notifying you that it has "overcome the munchies".
    • If you take too long it will "Run off into the sunset..." presumably to meet other raptors and do raptor things.
      • You will be prompted with the option to retry the course if this occurs.
        • You may select to retry the course on a lower difficulty, this will keep the raptor's spirits up longer and fill its pep gauge faster.
  • Once you have successfully fed the raptor rendezvous with Syrillia at (E-6) who will warp you back.
  • Return to Mapitoto in Upper Jeuno for your reward.

Repeating the Quest

This quest is repeatable in the sense that it is only "Training". By completing the training in under 4 minutes (more than 6 minutes remaining on the timer) after your first completion, you can earn the title Raptor Wrangler. Speak to Mapitoto and select "Let's do this." to attempt it.

  • You must still obtain five pieces of food to complete the training, while remaining under the time limit.
  • If you happen to take less than 4 minutes for the first completion to obtain your mount, it does not award the title. The quest must be attempted a second time for the title.
  • Lowering the difficulty will not grant the title. It must be completed on the original difficulty in under 4 minutes.