Vanguard-X III (B)

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Bastok-Flag.jpg Vanguard-X III (B)
 Campaign Type:  Supply transport
 Start NPC: Hieronymus - Bastok Markets (S) - (E-8)
 Campaign Rank: Golden Star §§§§
 Objective: Republican legionnaires have been disptached to assist in the defense of our nation's stronghold. You are to travel to any checkpoint garrison under Bastokan control, and escort the awaiting solider to his final destination.
 Time Limit:  30 minutes  Recommended Lv.  


  • Not quite as easily soloable as the previous versions of this mission
  • List of Gate Sentries:

North Gustaberg (S): (F-7)

Grauberg (S): (L-4)

  • You will be required to escort 2 NPCs named "Reinforcement" to the Campaign NPC of the zone. Reinforcements behave in one of three manners and begin to move on his own randomly or if you get too far away from him.
    • Concerned- The NPC will say "I am worried about an enemy attack on the garrison"Verification Needed and will run back towards the Gate Sentry.
    • Combative- The NPC will say "Huh!? Was that an enemy scout" and will run in a random path.
    • Impatient- The NPC will say "You're all slower than turtles in the mud! I've had enough!" and will run in the general direction of (but not quite directly towards) the outpost.

You can regain control of the NPC by talking to him. The NPCs run slightly slower than player's normal run speed, thusly armor with increased movement speed, the Quickening enchantment from Sprinter's Shoes, Raptor/Chocobo Mazurka, and Chocobo Jig are immensely helpful in the wrangling of wayward Galkas.

  • List of Campaign NPCs:

North Gustaberg (S): (D-10) Jagged Onyx, L.C.

Grauberg (S): (I-8) Polished Fang, L.C.

  • Once you've arrived at the Campaign NPC, talk to him/her and you will be told to make an official report to Hieronymus.
  • After talking to Hieronymus, the mission is complete.