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Location: Bastok Markets - (H-8)
Type: Guild Vendor
Description: Merchant for the Goldsmiths' Guild (Open 8-23, closed Iceday). Although no Conquest Restrictions apply to the items, they are however subject to supply and demand rules.

Items will run out and may not be available until other players have sold it to the store.

Item Name

Price (gil)


Silver Ore 315
Mythril Ore 1,500
Brass Scales 210
Mythril Chain 10,500
Red Rock 6,440
Blue Rock 6,440
Yellow Rock 6,440
Green Rock 6,440
Translucent Rock 6,440
Purple Rock 6,440
Black Rock 6,440
White Rock 6,440
Lapis Lazuli 1,769
Light Opal 1,769
Onyx 1,769
Amethyst 1,769
Tourmaline 1,769
Sardonyx 1,769
Clear Topaz 1,769
Amber 1,769
Tufa 20,400