Wamoura Farm Raid

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Lebros Cavern
Wamoura Farm Raid
 Staging Point:  Lebros Cavern
 Start NPC: Famad in Aht Urhgan Whitegate (L-9/L-10)
 Assault Rank: Sergeant Major
 Objective: The enemy has begun raising swarms of wamoura in the Lebros Caverns. If they reach adulthood, they would present a formidable threat. Infiltrate the Lebros Caverns and destroy them.
 Mission Orders: Remove the threat
 Time Limit:  30 minutes  Recommended Lv.  Lvl. 70
 Assault Points:
  • 1 Member: 1166
  • 2 Members: 1166
  • 3 Members: 1166
  • 4 Members: 1049
  • 5 Members: 933
  • 6 Members: 816


Level Name Zone Aggro Link Drops Steal Spawns
Tough Ranch Wamoura Lebros Cavern Yes Yes


None Varies
Even match Ranch Wamouracampa Lebros Cavern No Yes


None 17


  • Wamouracampa blaze spikes do a huge amount of damage and will often require 2 dispels to remove.


Destroy all the Wamouras.

  • After a certain amount of time, some of the Wamouracampa will evolve into Wamouras, What Crazy Wamouras!.
  • The Rune of Release will spawn at (H-8) when all Ranch Wamourcampas and Ranch Wamouras have been defeated.


Ancient Lockbox
Hi-Ether Tank
Hi-Potion +3
Hi-Potion Tank
Hi-Ether Tank
??? Box
Bomb Ash
Copper Ore
Flan Meat
Red Rock
??? Axe
??? Polearm
Brass Zaghnal
Flan Smasher
Holly Pole +1
Spark Spear
Willow Wand +1
??? Sword
Gust Claymore
Uchigatana +1


Assault Map

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