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Location: Windurst Waters (S) - (K-6)
Type: Shadowreign NPCs
Description: Federation Army Master Caster General of the Capricornian War Warlocks.

Combat Observations

Involved in Mission/Quest


  • In Combat: "Invincible! Indestructible! Indubitable! The age of Cardians is upon us!"
  • Out of Combat: "Have fun while you can, filthy mercenary, because before long you'll be back on the streets where you belong--replaced by a quiet, obedient army of Cardians!"

Additional Information

  • Zonpa-Zippa is the creator of the Cardians.
  • Zonpa-Zippa is also the Manustery Minister of Windurst during the Crystal War era, responsible for the cities defenses.
  • Zonpa-Zippa is the father of present-day Orastery Minister Ajido-Marujido and present-day Manustery Minister Apururu.
  • Zonpa-Zippa plays an important part in the present-day Windurst Mission story line and appears in Mission 9-1, "Doll of the Dead".
  • In Game Description: "Oooh, Master Caster Zonpa-Zippa of the Capricornian War Warlocks... Did you know he also moonlights as Manustery Minister? Amazing are his modern methods of military machina manufacturing. Increased Cardian construction is what he cries at the conferences of our commanders."