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Were you looking for Afterglow?

An "Aftermath" is a buff caused by using the correct Weapon Skills while wearing a Relic, Mythic, or Empyrean Weapon. Each category of weapon has a different aftermath structure, and the specific Aftermath can vary from weapon to weapon:

No form of TP Bonus influences Aftermath duration or effect.

Overwriting Aftermath

Relic aftermath automatically overwrites itself no matter the tp stage of use.

Mythic, Empyrean, and Aeonic Aftermaths on the other hand have three Tiers:

  • Level 1 - Can and will overwrite itself.
  • Level 2 - Can overwrite Level 1, but not itself.
  • Level 3 - Can overwrite Level 1 or Level 2, but not itself

In addition to duration and potency, these tiers determine which Aftermath can overwrite the current one.

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