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An Explorer's Footsteps

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An Explorer's Footsteps
Required Fame 4
Level Restriction: Level 15
Starting NPC Abelard, Selbina (G-9)
Pack None
Title None
Repeatable No
Description The mayor wants you to find stone monuments left by a certain adventurer and copy their writings to clay.
Previous Quest Next Quest
None None
800-10,000 gil per Clay Tablet, Map of the Crawlers' Nest (Obtained after turning in 15 Clay Tablets)


The Monuments

Zone Location/Walkthrough Reward
1 West Ronfaure Hidden amongst the ruins in the southwest quadrant of I-10. 800g
2 East Ronfaure G-11 800g
3 South Gustaberg K-10 800g
4 West Sarutabaruta The Monument is located at G-9. 800g
5 East Sarutabaruta K-6 800g
6 Konschtat Highlands Found in a small cave at G-7. 1000g
7 Jugner Forest H-12. 1000g
8 Meriphataud Mountains Located at the base of the cliff in J-10, so don't go to the top of the cliff, but stay below in the canyon. 1000g
9 Tahrongi Canyon In a cave at E-5. 1000g
10 Buburimu Peninsula J-5. 1000g
11 Pashhow Marshlands F-6. 1000g
12 Valkurm Dunes Found in the back of a cave on the west side of Whitebone Sands at E-9. 1000g
13 La Theine Plateau Go down the gorge at H-7 and head to the eastern tip of the gorge. Go through the cave tunnels, through the next gorge, and through another cave tunnel. Finally head to the end of the final gorge to find the monument at J-7. 1000g
14 North Gustaberg Enter Dangruf Wadi through the southwestern corner of South Gustaberg at D-9 and head to the northeasternmost exit at J-3 (you must ride up a geyser and follow the path off the map) into North Gustaberg. Follow the path east. Once you reach the bridge, cross it. Continue until you reach the cave and monument at G-7. 3000g
15 Rolanberry Fields Weave your way up through the small cliffs to get to the monument at K-11. 3000g
16 Sauromugue Champaign Located at I-9, accessible by going through Garlaige Citadel and passing through the Third Banishing Gate. Or, if you have the Wings of the Goddess Expansion, you can use the pathway in Garlaige Citadel (S) to get to Sauromugue Champaign (S), then use the Cavernous Maw to get the monument. 10,000g
17 Batallia Downs Found at J-11 on the island to the south accessible only by going through Eldieme Necropolis. Protected by the NM Ahtu. 10,000g