An Imperial Heist

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An Imperial Heist
Required Fame Unknown
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Naja Salaheem (Ovjang), Aht Urhgan Whitegate (I-10)
Pack None
Title None
Repeatable No
Description Locate and retrieve the ancient weapons stolen from the Imperial Treasury. Quartz transmitters planted on the weapons indicate that they lay somewhere in the deepest ruins of Nyzul Isle...
Previous Quest Next Quest
None Duties, Tasks, and Deeds
Captain Wildcat badge Key Item
Runic key Key Item


  • Remember, these Vigil Weapons may be stored with Ghanraam.
  • Defeat all of the following Notorious Monsters in order to obtain their titles.
  • This may be done before starting the quest, and need not be your current title.
  • These titles may be verified as obtained via Koyol-Futenol under the 400 gil category.
  • All 3 Aht Urhgan Beastmen Champions:
  • All 4 Salvage Chariots:
  • Odin - "Elite Einherjar"

Repeating the Quest

Note: You do not need to defeat all of the aforementioned monsters again when making another Mythic Weapon.

  • Simply trade Abquhbah your weapon and speak with Naja again.
    • You will have to abandon your old weapon even though its been completed.
    • Once you abandon your old weapon, you will have to trade your new weapon a second time to start the quest.
  • If you have any issues receiving the cutscene from Naja of Paparoon requesting you visit Nashmau, after speaking to her multiple times. Then zone and try again in order to receive it.

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