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Ancient Lumber

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Ancient Lumber icon.png Piece of Ancient Lumber Pages on this wiki that reference this item
Description: Processed petrified lumber.
Image: Ancient Lumber description.png
Type: Inventory Item
Stack size: 12 "Find Ancient Lumber on FFXIAH" "Find Ancient Lumber on FFXIDB"

Synthesis Information
Yield Craft Requirements Crystal Ingredients
  • NQ: Ancient Lumber x3
  • HQ1:Ancient Lumber x6
  • HQ2:Ancient Lumber x9
  • HQ3:Ancient Lumber x12

Main Craft: Woodworking - (72)
Key Item: Lumberjack

  • NQ: Ancient Lumber
  • HQ1:Ancient Lumber x2
  • HQ2:Ancient Lumber x3
  • HQ3:Ancient Lumber x4

Main Craft: Woodworking - (72)


Used in the following Synthesis & Synergy Recipes
Item Main Craft Level
Kazaridachi Goldsmithing {{{Level}}}
Walahra Burner Goldsmithing {{{Level}}}
Shirogatana Goldsmithing {{{Level}}}
Millionaire Desk Goldsmithing {{{Level}}}
Butachi Smithing {{{Level}}}
Fay Gendawa Woodworking {{{Level}}}
Mythic Wand Woodworking {{{Level}}}
Numinous Shield Woodworking {{{Level}}}
Royal Bed Woodworking {{{Level}}}
Mythic Pole Woodworking {{{Level}}}
Mythic Harp Woodworking {{{Level}}}
3-Drawer Almirah Woodworking {{{Level}}}
6-Drawer Almirah Woodworking {{{Level}}}
9-Drawer Almirah Woodworking {{{Level}}}
Gendawa Woodworking {{{Level}}}
Cursed Kote Woodworking {{{Level}}}
Cursed Kabuto Woodworking {{{Level}}}
Cythara Anglica Woodworking {{{Level}}}
Cursed Togi Woodworking {{{Level}}}