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Light Skillchain Info
Skillchain Tier: 3
Element: Element: Fire / Element: Wind / Element: Thunder / Element: Light
Gorget: Flame Gorget / Breeze Gorget / Thunder Gorget / Light Gorget / Fotia Gorget
Belt: Flame Belt / Breeze Belt / Thunder Belt / Light Belt / Fotia Belt
Related Day: Firesday / Windsday / Lightningday / Lightsday


Deals Light, Thunder, Fire, or Wind damage. Damage type is picked by monster's elemental resistances, and in the case of equal resistances it generally follows the pattern of Fire > Wind > Thunder > Light.

For a two-step Skillchain, damage mirrors the final Weapon Skill before resistances or bonuses. Skillchain damage of a given element can be enhanced with day/weather bonuses from the Elemental Obis and by Staves. See the main Skillchain page for more information.

Generating Light

Opening and Closing with Light


Skillchain Elements (Stromgarde and friends, BG)

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