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Category:Master Trials

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Master Trials are incredibly challenging battle content against the most powerful notorious monsters seen to date intended for those who are able to stretch the limits of their jobs to their utmost.

New types of battlefields will allegedly be added in subsequent version updates.

Getting Started

Eligibility Requirements

Attained level of 99 and the Job Master title.

Players must have achieved job master status in the job they desire to play in the content.

Completion of Rhapsodies of Vana’diel Missions.

Entry and Progression

Form a party of between three and six players.
One player must be in possession of the entry item (see below).

Trade the treatise to the Runic Seal in Alzadaal Undersea Ruins (I-9) to enter the battlefield.
The time limit is sixty minutes.
Players may remain in the area for three minutes after the battle has ended.
Players will exit the arena once the time limit is reached or upon use of the Fireflies temporary item.

Battlefield Information

Name Battlefield Entry Reward
Black And White
Entry Item: Treatise On Monochromacy
Potpourri Cost: 250
Level Cap: Uncapped
Time Limit: 60 Min
Min People: 3
Max People: 6
Home Point: None
Fermion Sword description.png
Unafraid of the Dark
Entry Item: Gloomy Charm
Potpourri Cost: 250
Level Cap: Uncapped
Time Limit: 60 Min
Min People: 1
Max People: 6
Home Point: Valdeaunia Front > Castle Zvahl Keep (S) (#1)
Irradiance Blade description.png
Sealed Fate
Entry Item: Beckoning Bell
Potpourri Cost: 250
Level Cap: Uncapped
Time Limit: 60 Min
Min People: 1
Max People: 6
Home Point: Lumoria > The Garden of Ru'Hmet (#1)
Aphelion Knuckles description.png

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