Defense Down

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Status Effect Information
Element: Element: Wind Base Stat: INT
Player Infliction Information
Name Type Potency Duration
Abrasion Bolt Ammo -20.5% 60 sec
Acid Bolt Ammo -12.5% 60 sec
Gashing Bolt Ammo -12.5% 60 sec
Benthic Typhoon Blue Magic -10% 30 sec
Bilgestorm Blue Magic -25% Question
Corrosive Ooze Blue Magic -5% 60 secQuestion
Enervation Blue Magic -10% 30 sec
Frightful Roar Blue Magic -10% Question
Seedspray Blue Magic -8% Question
Sweeping Gouge Blue Magic -15% Question
Tenebral Crush Blue Magic -20% 180 sec
Tourbillion Blue Magic -33% 90-120 sec
Angon Job Ability -20~25% 30~90 sec
Vitriol Medicine -20% 180 sec
Armor Break Weapon Skills -25% 90~720 sec
Armor Shatterer Weapon Skills -15% 90~270 sec
Full Break Weapon Skills -12.5% 90~720 sec
Garland of Bliss Weapon Skills -12.5% 60~120 sec
Metatron Torment Weapon Skills -18.75% ~60 sec
Tachi: Ageha Weapon Skills -25% Question sec
Shell Crusher Weapon Skills -25% 60~270 sec
Corrosive Ooze Ready -33% 70-85 sec
Monster Infliction Information
TP Move Name Family Potency Duration
Aqua Cannon Ruszor Question Question
Aegis Schism Fomor -90% 30~90 sec.
Aerial Collision Phuabo Question Question
Benthic Typhoon Murex -25% 30~60 sec
Bilgestorm Dvergr -50% 55~90 sec.
Corrosive Ooze Slug Question 30-60 sec.
Dark Star Zilant Question Question
Deadeye Qiqirn Question Question
Death Spin Velkk -25% 60 sec.
Divine Judgement Avatar Question Question
Enervation Troll Question 30 sec.
Fevered Pitch Gnole Question Question
Flank Opening Caturae Question 60 sec.
Frightful Roar Taurus -30% 180 sec.
Gravitic Horn Antlion Question Question
Impact Stream Aern Question Question
Laser Shower Biotechnologial Weapon Question Question
Lateral Slash Tonberry Question ~30 sec.
Ofnir Avatar Question Question
Shadow Wreck Caturae Question 30~60 sec.
Seedspray Rafflesia Question Question
Seismic Impact Iron Giant Question Question
Sonic Wave Dhalmel Question 60~150 sec.
Subsonics Bat -25% 90 sec
Tortoise Stomp Adamantoise -25% Question
Tourbillion Khimaira Question Question
Venom Shower Crab Question Question
Yaksha: Damnation Naraka Question Question
Status Removal Information
Cancelable?: No
Spells: Erase, Exuviation, Winds of Promy.
Abilities: Healing Waltz
Medicine: Panacea, Vicar's Drink, Cleric's Drink, Catholicon

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