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Description: Consumes 20% of your maximum MP. Gradually restores target party member's HP and MP, increases attack speed and ranged attack speed.
Type: White Magic Skill: Enhancing Magic
Target: Single Element: Element: Light
Casting Time: 3 seconds Recast Time: 6 seconds
Cost: 20% Maximum MP Duration: 90 seconds
Range: 21'
Volatile Enmity: Question Cumulative Enmity: Question
Command: /ma "Embrava" <t>
Spell/Job Level Information
Job Level Condition
Scholar 5 See Below


  • To learn this spell, speak to Erlene in the Eldieme Necropolis (S) at (J-8) while on Scholar. (Your SCH must be level 5 or higher.)
  • This spell is only accessible to SCH while under the effect of the SP Ability Tabula Rasa.
    • Should Tabula Rasa wear off while you are casting this spell, you will get a message stating that you cannot cast this spell when the casting completes.
  • Embrava is a single status effect with three components which scale with enhancing magic skill, each of which cap at 500 skill:
    • Regen: Potency = Enhancing Magic÷7 + 1 HP/tick, rounded down (72 HP/tick maximum)
    • Refresh: Potency = Enhancing Magic÷100 + 1 MP/tick, rounded down (6 MP/tick maximum)
    • Haste: Potency = Enhancing Magic÷20 + 1 Haste (25.9% haste maximum 266/1024)
  • Perpetuance can be used to extend Embrava's duration.
  • Penury can be used to reduce the MP cost to 10% of maximum MP.
  • Accession allows Embrava effects to be extended to the target's full party within the AoE.
  • Embrava can be cast on any player, it is not a party-only spell.
  • All stackable forms of Regen, Refresh, and Haste will stack with Embrava's effects as it is a unique status effect.
  • Can not be removed by forms of Dispel, though it can be absorbed by Extreme Purgation.
  • The effect of Embrava is overwritten by (and overwrites) the effect of Kaustra.



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