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Description: Consumes 20% of your maximum MP. Relentless dark damage slowly devours an enemy.
Type: Black Magic Skill: Dark Magic
Target: Single Element: Element: Dark
Casting Time: 5 seconds Recast Time: 30 seconds
Cost: 20% Maximum MP Duration: Varies (see below)
Range: 20'
Cumulative Enmity: Question Volatile Enmity: Question
Command: /ma "Kaustra" <t>
Spell/Job Level Information
Job Level Condition
Scholar 5 Tabula Rasa


  • This spell is only accessible while under the effects of SCH's 1-hour Tabula Rasa.
    • Should Tabula Rasa wear off while you are casting this spell, you will get a message stating that you cannot cast this spell when the casting completes.
  • To learn this spell, speak to Erlene in the Eldieme Necropolis (S) at (J-8) while on Scholar. (Your SCH must be level 5 or higher.)
  • Does considerable initial damage (~Tier 5 spell), and gives a DoT that does about a fourth of the initial damage every tick.
    • Works with 3-second ticks, unlike Helices.
    • It is not considered a helix.
    • Unresisted duration is approximately 1 + (Dark Magic Skill)/11 ticks (or three times that in seconds).
  • The base damage formula differs from regular magic damage calculations: floor(floor(0.067*Lv)*(37+floor(0.67*dINT)))
    • When paired with Ebullience, the +40 Magic Damage from the "Stratagem Effect III" Job Point category is applied with the "37+floor(0.67*dINT)" term to become up to "37+40+floor(0.67*dINT)"
    • The base damage depends on the main level (Lv), not on the level difference.
    • 0.067*Lv is floored to one decimal digit, all other floors round down to the next integer.
    • dINT is caster's INT vs. target INT and caps at 300.
    • This formula is exact for most levels (including 99), but has some minor deviations at certain lower levels.
    • Other multipliers, such as darkness elemental potency and Magic Attack Bonus, are applied on top of the base damage normally.
    • This DoT effect caps at 24,999 damage per tick.
  • This spell cannot be erased, but can be overwritten by (and overwrites) the effects of Embrava, Benediction, or Full Cure.
  • The effect of this spell will wear off if an affected mob goes passive.