Foot Kick

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Blue Mage Spell Information
Description Deals critical damage. Chance of critical hit varies with TP.
Available Level 1
Type Slashing Physical Number of Hits 1
MP Cost 5 Cast Time 0.5 seconds
Point Cost 2 Recast Time 6.5 seconds
Target Single Range
Stat Bonus AGI +1
Creates Job Trait Lizard Killer
Scroll: Foot Kick (Scroll) description.png
Additional Effects Duration
Monster Type Beast Monster Family Rabbit
Spell Mechanics
WSC% 10% STR 10% DEX
fTP 0~1499 1.0
1500~2999 1.0
3000 1.0
3500 1.0
Skillchain Properties Detonation Detonation
Volatile Enmity Cumulative Enmity

Spell Obtainment

Learned from: Rabbit Blue Magic Skill Required to Learn: 0+
Monster Level Zone Map
Forest Hare 1-5   West Ronfaure West Ronfaure.jpgcenter link=
Savanna Rarab 1-5   West Sarutabaruta West Sarutabaruta-Map.jpgcenter link=
Twigtrip Lapinion 100   Ceizak Battlegrounds Ceizak Battlegrounds Map.pngcenter link=

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