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Imperial Standing (IS) is the Treasures of Aht Urhgan version of Conquest Points. Players gain Imperial Standing by participating in various Treasures of Aht Urhgan activities or by killing monsters in Aht Urhgan areas while under the effect of Sanction.

Additional Notes on Imperial Standing

Receiving Sanction Effect

In order to gain Imperial Standing, you must have the effect of Sanction which is provided by the following NPCs.

Purchasing Items with IS

There are a number of items which can be purchased by speaking to the NPCs above. The availability of certain items are subject to a player's Mercenary Rank.

Common Items

Private Second Class

Cost: 1000 IS

Private First Class

Cost: 2000 IS

Superior Private

Cost: 4000 IS

Lance Corporal

Cost: 8000 IS


Cost: 16000 IS


Cost: 24000 IS

Sergeant Major

Cost: 32000 IS

Chief Sergeant

Cost: 40000 IS

Second Lieutenant

Cost: 48000 IS

First Lieutenant

Cost: 56000 IS

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