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Description: Furnishing: A luxurious, canopied San d'Orian bed.
Image: Noble's Bed description.png
Type: Furnishing
Flags: Obtainable from Goblin Box, Inscribable
Stack size: 1
AH Listing: Auction House 16.png ➞ Furnishings
Storage: <Element: Thunder STG:1>
Aura Strength: 12
Dimensions: 6x4
Moghancement: Moghancement: Experience "Find Noble's Bed on FFXIAH" "Find Noble's Bed on FFXIDB"

Synthesis Information
Yield Craft Requirements Crystal Ingredients
  • NQ: Noble's Bed

Main Craft: Woodworking - (78)
Sub Craft(s): Goldsmithing - (50), Clothcraft - (56)


Purchased From...
NPC Name Zone Notes
Green Thumb Moogle Mog Garden 200,000 Gil

Only sold while the Mog Gardens Campaign is active.

Used in the following Quests
Quest Name Notes
Moogles in the Wild Mog Safe expansion from 70 to 80


Noble's bed appearance.jpg

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