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Job Trait Information
Description Increases chance of getting treasure.
Type Level
Tier Level Obtained Value
I THF15, BLU98*
Blue Mage Notes * Requires the setting of appropriate spells to receive the trait.

** Requires the 100 or 1,200 Blue Mage job gift.


  • This trait is not believed to make "superior" treasure drop, but it increases the odds that you will get items and by default increases the odds "superior" will drop.
    • Example: There are some items that share treasure slots, such as Strider Sword and Sarutobi Kyahan from Quu Domi the Gallant. One of the two always drops. In this situation, Treasure Hunter will not make both or all items drop and is unlikely to affect them in any way.
  • With THF as a main job, the effect of equipment, atma, and job ability bonuses on Treasure Hunter is limited to a base of Treasure Hunter +8. This can be raised to a maximum of +12 (or +14, see below) through procs during battle.
  • With any other main job, the base effect is limited to Treasure Hunter +4.[1]

Applying Treasure Hunter:

  • Treasure Hunter works as a debuff effect on the monster; the player with Treasure Hunter must take some aggressive action against the mob in order to apply the Treasure Hunter effect, after which the effect will remain even if the player is not in the party that kills the mob.
    • It is possible to apply Treasure Hunter using an AoE attack.
    • The effect is removed if the mob becomes passive and regenerates.
    • The effect of Treasure Hunter +1 items are considered and applied after the first enmity generation, and then can be removed even before a "proc".
    • This effect caps at 12.
      • Thief Gifts raise this cap to 14.

Treasure Hunter I/II Model:

  • It has been theorized that Treasure Hunter I and II each give potential "re-rolls" after a failed attempt at a drop slot.
    • Example: If there's a 20% chance of a Colibri feather and the game decides it doesn't drop, Treasure Hunter I lets you re-roll the slot for another 20% chance, and then Treasure Hunter II lets you re-roll it if the Treasure Hunter I re-roll fails.
    • This is similar to how Magic Hit Rate determines resist rate.
    • This model was developed using non-competitive drops (like Colibri Beak/Colibri Feather off Lesser Colibri) and seems to break down any time multiple drops of the same item or competition between items are possible.
  • It is thought that Treasure Hunter I with "Treasure Hunter +1" in equipment is the same as Treasure Hunter II.

Treasure Hunter III:

  • Treasure Hunter III appears to work differently from the other Treasure Hunter trait tiers, and may just function as Treasure Hunter +1
    • Unlike Treasure Hunter I/II, Treasure Hunter III has not been shown to dramatically increase drop rates.
    • However, it has been shown to influence drop rates to some degree.[2]
  • Tests aiming to determine the value of the Treasure Hunter III relative to I or II have never reached significance. This is in part due to the introduction of the Treasure Hunter proc system, which makes it difficult to collect a pure TH3 sample.

Treasure Hunter Proc System:

  • There is a maximum base TH level TH +8.
    • This includes the Treasure Hunter trait.
  • The Treasure Hunter proc system was introduced in the December, 2010 update and applies to players using Thief main job./y
    • Additionally, the Ranger job ability Bounty Shot allows the application of TH2 or TH3 and can also cause upgrades between TH levels.
  • Upgrading TH levels from normal attack rounds is inversely proportional to the difference between your current TH level in trait/gear and the monster's current TH level[[3]].
    • Example 1: If you plant TH6 on the monster by pulling with your TH gear on and then continue to use your TH gear while you kill the monster, there is a 0-level gap between your current TH level and the monster's current TH level. This makes it "easy" to proc (approximately a 6% chance per melee round).
    • Example 2: If you plant TH6 on the monster by pulling with your TH gear on and then swap to TH3 to kill the monster, there is a 3-level gap between your current TH level and the monster's current TH level. This makes it comparatively more difficult to proc (approximately a 2% chance per melee round).
    • Up to TH11 has been observed starting from TH3 base. This test used an automated Bounty Shot spamming script over a series of days and had >600 non-upgrades after hitting TH11. Rule of three says the proc rate is likely <0.5% from TH11 to TH12 starting from TH3 base, if it is even possible.
    • There is a much greater chance of TH level upgrade from Sneak or Trick Attack (approximately 10x).
    • Treasure Hunter can only proc on the first hit of an attack round.
    • Attacks must do damage in order to potentially upgrade Treasure Hunter effectiveness. Hits for 0 do not count.
    • Treasure Hunter can proc on the first hit of weaponskills, but will not display any message when it does.
  • There is some evidence that each level of the Treasure Hunter system increases drop rates by 1%. (See References)


  • Treasure Hunter I/II seem to offer a substantial bonus over no-Treasure Hunter, but Treasure Hunter >III is less potent.
    • Treasure Hunter diminishing returns have been confirmed by Sicycre, Community Rep, on the Official Forum.
  • Combining all the proc-system factors, TPing and SA/TAing in equipment with Treasure Hunter +1 will allow you to reach high TH levels much more rapidly (See References), but there is a distinct trade-off between kill speed and TH Level. In situations where the THF's damage contribution is substantial (such as lowmanning Dynamis), fulltiming TH equipment is unlikely to be a good idea.
  • In situations where you want to maximize Treasure Hunter level and killspeed/the Thief's contribution to damage is irrelevant, the best option is to single-wield Thief's Knife with as much Haste as you can get, enough Accuracy to cap Hit Rate, and enough Attack to avoid hitting for 0. You would want to avoid forms of multi-attack (Triple Attack, Double Attack, etc.) and not use Weapon Skills.

Blue Mage Job Trait Information
Minimum Set Points Needed 12
Trait Points Needed per Tier 8
Level Spell Set Points Trait Points
88 Charged Whisker 4 6
90 Everyone's Grudge 4 6
98 Amorphic Spikes 4 6
  • Setting only two spells will grant the trait Gilfinder instead.


Treasure Hunter + Gear
Item Slot Jobs Bonus
Assassin's Knife Dagger THF +1
Plun. Knife Dagger THF +2
Gandring Dagger THF +3
Sandung Dagger THF +1
Taming Sari Dagger THF / BRD / DNC Augment-Icon.png (Sinister Reign): +1
Thief's Knife Dagger THF +1
Volte Cap Head All Jobs +1
White Rarab Cap +1 Head All Jobs +1
Volte Jupon Body All Jobs +2
Assassin's Armlets Hands THF +1
Assassin's Armlets +1 Hands THF +1
Assassin's Armlets +2 Hands THF +2
Plunderer's Armlets Hands THF +2
Plunderer's Armlets +1 Hands THF +3
Plunderer's Armlets +2 Hands THF +3
Plunderer's Armlets +3 Hands THF +4
Volte Bracers Hands All Jobs +1
Volte Hose Legs All Jobs +1
Raider's Poulaines +2 Feet THF +1
Skulker's Poulaines Feet THF +2
Skulker's Poulaines +1 Feet THF +3
Volte Boots Feet All Jobs +1
Gorney Ring Ring All Jobs +1
Gorney Ring +1 Ring All Jobs +1
Chaac Belt Waist All Jobs +1
Tarutaru Sash Waist MNK / WHM / BLM / RDM / PLD / BRD / RNG / SMN /BLU / PUP / SCH / GEO / RUN Augment-Icon.png (Abyssea - La Theine): +1
Reisenjima Armor Varies Various (All Jobs) Augment-Icon.png (Dark Matter): +1~2
Reisenjima Weapons Varies Various (All Jobs) Augment-Icon.png (Dark Matter): +1~2


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