Yorcia Weald (U)

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Yorcia Weald (U)
Located in an "Otherwordly" version of Vana'diel, Yorcia Weald (U) is a parallel version of Yorcia Weald in which Skirmishes and Delve fractures take place.

Delve Fractures

Entry into Fractures for Delve is accomplished by having the alliance leader utilize a Yantric planchette key item at one of the Veils located in Ulbuka field areas. Reference the Delve page for more information.


Entry into Yorcia Weald (U) skirmishes is accomplished by having the party leader utilize a Yorcia simulacrum (assembled from three Simulacrum Segments including a Yorcia Visage) at the Augural Conveyor located in Yorcia Weald at (I-10). All players in the party will be immediately transported to the Skirmish area once entry has been confirmed by the party leader.

There are five Skirmishes that occur within Yorcia Weald (U), dependent on the tier of Faithful's Torso used in assembling the simulacrum. Each Skirmish takes place on a different section of the map, with a slightly larger area for each higher tier. take. Completing the tier V Skirmish by utilizing Faithful's Torso V (primary or secondary objective) in Yorcia Weald (U) will grant the title Weald Exemplar.

Base Defense

The objective of Yorcia Skirmishes is to protect the base, known as a Cantonment, for a certain period of time. If the base is destroyed, the Skirmish will be failed. Scattered across the Skirmish battlefield, players will find several Bestial Dens from which monsters constantly spawn and move towards the Cantonment. Smaller maps contain fewer Bestial Dens to eliminate (three dens on a tier I run, with one additional den for each higher tier). Defeating a Bestial Den will stop monsters from spawning at its location. Monsters also spawn from other locations besides Bestial Dens, and these will continue to spawn for the entire duration whether or not the dens are eliminated. All monsters that spawn are non-aggressive and non-linking, but when monsters arrive at the Cantonment, they will begin attacking it immediately. Monsters are highly resistant to any debuffs which would impede their movement (Gravity, Bind, Break, Sleep), and so they must be tanked or defeated in order to successfully defend the base. Once the primary objective has been completed, and especially within the final five minutes of the secondary objective, monsters will begin to spawn at a higher rate and move with a significant movement speed bonus.

Defensive Maneuvers

Base Defense: Cantonment and Stockade
By utilizing a special "Defensive Maneuver" option at Noetic Ascensions, players can construct Stockades (more Stockades are available with higher tier Legs segments, up to four stockades with Faithful's Legs V). When a Stockade is present at the base, enemies will always first turn their attention to the Stockade, and will not attack the Cantonment until the Stockade has been eliminated. The Cantonment cannot be healed directly by players, but there is an Defensive Maneuver for Cantonment restoration when using tier III or higher Legs.


Faithful's Torso Tier / Objective Requirements (Base Defense)
Time Limit 30 minutes 30 minutes 40 minutes 40 minutes 50 minutes
Primary Objective 15 minutes 15 minutes 25 minutes 25 minutes 35 minutes
Secondary Objective 25 minutes 25 minutes 35 minutes 35 minutes 45 minutes
Bestial Dens 3 4 5 6 7


As the group works towards completing the primary objective, players will periodically be notified of their progress, and after each 20% of the primary objective duration has elapsed, players will be notified of some of the rewards they will receive if the primary objective is completed. Rewards associated with completing the secondary objective will be revealed once the primary objective is 100% completed. Skirmish Armor rewards are shared between all players (will drop into the loot pool at the end of the Skirmish). All other rewards are player-specific (will load into each player's Treasure Coffer at the end of the Skirmish).

Upon completing the primary Skirmish objective, players will each receive a Fenestral Key. Once any player uses the key, the Skirmish will end (setting the time remaining to 5 minutes), a raise effect will be placed on any KO'ed players, all remaining monsters will despawn, Skirmish Armor will drop into the loot pool, and a treasure chest will spawn at each player's position with their personal rewards.

After completing the primary objective, if the group plans on continuing and completing the secondary objective, players should not use the Fenestral Key until the secondary objective is completed.

The quantity of rewards received is dependent on the tier of body segment used and the number of objectives completed. Note that occasionally a Dithering Heartwing will spawn at a random location on the map. This enemy will not move towards the cantonment, and if it is defeated prior to the announcement of the secondary loot pool (at the 10 minute warning), one extra piece of armor will be rewarded for completing the objectives, in addition to the quantity from the table below.

Rewards Objective Completed Faithful's Torso Tier / Number of Reward Items
(Treasure Pool)
Primary 1 2 3 4 5
Secondary 2 3 4 5 6
(Per Player)
Primary 2 3 4 5 6
Secondary 3 4 5 6 7

Upon opening a treasure coffer in Yorcia skirmishes, a player may receive the key item Vial of translurry, which can be expended, along with a 5,000 Bayld fee, to transmute one NQ skirmish weapon to its HQ version at Divainy-Gamainy. Note that this process will remove any augments from weapon. The weapon can then be reaugmented by using Verdigris Stones.

The primary reward from Yorcia Skirmishes is Skirmish Armor, which can be randomly augmented (within set ranges) by Divainy-Gamainy of the Inventors' Coalition using Verdigris Stones, also obtained from Yorcia Skirmishes. With the proper augments (and often without any augments at all), these armor components can be some of the best in the game for their uses. Armor will drop directly into the treasure pool when the Fenestral Key, with the quantity dependent on the body tier of the Skirmish, which objectives were completed, and whether all Bestial Dens were destroyed. Additionally, players can exchange Lebondopt Wings, which can also be randomly obtained from personal armory crates, for additional pieces of armor at Lola in Eastern Adoulin.

Note that treasure coffers will occasionally receive a boost to drop quality denoted by stars which can occur after each 20% of the objective has been completed. This boost will often add rarer, more valuable rewards and higher tier Verdigris Stones into personal crates.

In addition to the possibility of receiving a Vial of translurry (if one is not already in possession), treasure coffer items are chosen from the following list (the quantity of items in each player's coffer is determined by the objectives completed and torso tier; see table above):


Yorcia Weald (U) Skirmish Maps


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