Windurst Mission 3-3

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A New Journey
Series None
Starting NPC Any Windurst Gate Guard
Title None
Repeatable No
Description As requested by the Star Sibyl, you are to render service at the Embassy of Windurst in Jeuno. Great responsibility and tact are required.
Previous Mission Next Mission
Written in the Stars Magicite
  • Rank 4
  • 5,000 gil


  • This Mission is Required. Mission 3-3 to 5-2 can be done with any nation, as they are all ultimately the same.
  • They will require cutscenes in their own cities, but the bulk of the work is identical for each.
  • Trade 3 crystals to the Conquest Overseer if you skipped the previous mission.
  • Accept the mission from any gate guard. You will receive the Key ItemStar crested summons.
  • Check the Vestal Chamber door at the top of Heavens Tower for a cutscene with the Star Sibyl. You will receive Key ItemLetter to the ambassador.
  • Speak with Pakh Jatalfih at the Windurstian Embassy in Ru'Lude Gardens for a cutscene.
  • If you already have the Delkfutt key then head to (E-8) in Lower Delkfutt's Tower. Another player using a key does not work. Map 1 and enter the basement by clicking the Cermet Door. Once in the basement, proceed to (L-7) and click the Cermet Door for a cutscene. Return to the Windurstian Embassy in Jeuno and click the "Door: Windurstian Emb." for a cutscene to complete the mission.
  • You will now likely need to climb to the 10th floor of Delkfutt's Tower in order to gain a Delkfutt Key in order to access the basement of the tower.
  • When inside if you possess the Delkfutt Key, head to (E-8) and continue down the stairs to enter the basement. Otherwise start the climb process detailed below.
  • You may also be Tractored through this basement door without the key.
  • If you decide to go this route, proceed to the "Obtaining Kelkfutt Key Short Way" section. Otherwise, read the "Obtaining Delkfutt Key" section.

Obtaining Delkfutt Key Short Way

  • This is the shortest route. You may be Tractored through the door to the basement at E-8 without the key if a party member already has it. Next you can open the door at J-8. Click it to travel too Upper Delkfutt's Tower. Walk forward then click the ??? at the bottom of the stairs to be teleported directly to Porphyrion, kill this NM then trade the key it drops to the Elevator directly beside it, press onward and you will receive the key item needed too receive the cutscene at your nations door, and to open the door you were Tractored through.
  • You may now discard the key.
    • There may be people farming this NM to desynth the keys into Spheres so you may want to ask them to team up.
  • Head to the bottom of the stairs then East and pass through the door to reach the basement.
  • Skip to "Finishing the Mission" below.

Obtaining Delkfutt Key Long Way

  • Once inside prepare for a long walk. Bats and Dancing Weapons will aggro to Sound and Goblins and Giants will aggro to Sight. Pots and Dolls are Aggressive to Magic.
  • Floor 1
    • Enter and follow the right wall until you reach the stairs at E/F-6.
  • Floor 2
    • Follow the left wall until you reach the stairs at I-9.
  • Floor 3
    • Follow the right wall until you reach the teleporter at G-6.
  • Middle Delkfutt's Tower
  • Floor 4
    • Follow the right wall past 2 teleporters and go up the stairs at J-6.
  • Floor 5 half way there.
    • Enter the door into a hallway on your right at I-7 then follow the left wall until you see a stairway leading north at H-10.
  • Floor 6
    • At the top of the stairs follow the right wall to a teleporter at J-10.
  • Floor 7
    • In this big room head northwest to a stairway at G-7.
  • Floor 8
    • Follow the left wall to another stairway at J-7.
  • Floor 9
    • Head south to a stairway that leads back down at J-10.
  • Floor 8 again
    • Head west to a stairway leading back up at G-10. Do *not* fall down the hole in the floor!
  • Floor 9 again
    • Follow the left wall until you reach a teleporter at F-6.
  • Upper Delkfutt's Tower
  • Floor 10
    • When you zone in head through the door to the southeast and down a hallway. You will find a door on your right at H-7. This door is guarded by Mimas a Gigas NM that uses Hundred Fists. After killing Mimas and clearing the hallway enter the door at H-7 into a large room. This room will be filled with Gigas and a NM named Porphyrion.
      • Try to pull Porphyrion out into the hallway without linking any of the other Gigas. Summoner or a high level helper is useful for this.
  • Kill Porphyrion and any aggro you may have. Porphyrion will drop 6 Delkfutt Keys. If you need more then 6 you will have to wait 10 minutes for him to repop.
  • Once you have your key trade it to the elevator on the floor at H-8 inside Porphyrions room.
  • Walk down the LONG staircase after using the elevator to get to the basement.

Finishing the Mission

  • Once you reach the basement head east into a large room and trade your Delkfutt Key (or interact if you have the Key ItemDelkfutt key) on the door at the border of (L/M-7) for a cutscene. If you do not get the cutscene you are probably at the wrong door.
  • After the cutscene warp out or head South West and down a long hallway, this will take you back to the first floor of the tower. Follow the right wall until you zone back into Qufim Island.
  • Return to the embassy in Ru'Lude Gardens and examine the "Door: Windurstian Emb." to complete the mission.
    • You must pass through 2 other doors then click the 3rd one.


  • You do not have to be on this mission to receive a Delkfutt Key from Porphyrion.
  • If you already possess a key from defeating Porphyrion before you activated the mission, from completing the mission for another nation, or from having the Key ItemDelkfutt key, you can access the basement without traversing to the top of the tower.
    • On the first floor, trade your Delkfutt Key to the door at (E-8) on the first floor. If you possess the Key Item variant, simply examine the door. This will give you access to the basement where the ambassador is being held.