A Shantotto Ascension Mission 13

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Project: Shantottofication
Series None
Starting NPC Sacrificial Chamber
Title None
Repeatable No
Description Mission Orders: The inimitably fiendish Shantottofication curse, if allowed to wreak havoc on the land, would spell the end of the world as we know it. Only you can prevent an unimaginable fate from befalling Vana'diel!
Previous Mission Next Mission
Sisters in Arms An Uneasy Peace
Tonberry key


  • After the initial cutscene, click the Mahogany Door in the Sacrificial Chamber again for the option to the enter the battlefield entitled Project: Shantottofication.
  • The tablet key items are consumed upon entry and each one grants a buff. Possessing a full set will grant a +150 resistance to earth, water, wind, fire, ice and thunder magic, +150 to STR, VIT, DEX, AGI, MND, INT and CHR, a 3x multiplier to HP and MP, and a special reraise that does not confer weakness upon use.
    • The tablet key items are not necessary to begin the fight, it is soloable by most jobs in 119 gear with trusts
  • The fight is against D. Shantotto and Shantotto.
    • D. Shantotto casts high level magic spells and uses scythe weaponskills, including Salvation Scythe, which does AoE damage and inflicts poison and paralysis.
    • Shantotto casts high level magic spells and uses staff weaponskills, including Divine Malison, which does AoE damage and inflicts stun, slow, silence and plague.
  • Once one or the other reaches 50% HP, she will enter a kind of rage mode where she calls the other over to perform skillchains using their signature weaponskills on the current target.
    • They cannot be drawn apart at this time.
    • While in this mode, the "raged" Shantotto cannot be killed. Damage can still be done to her, but she will not drop below 1% HP until it ends.
    • If the party wipes after the rage mode is triggered, it will not be repeated if a second attempt is made without exiting the battlefield.
  • Successful completion of the fight will award a Tonberry key, which can be redeemed at the Treasure Coffer in Tenshodo Headquarters in Lower Jeuno.