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A Shantotto Ascension
Number Mission Name Type Reward
1 A Shantotto Ascension Cutscene
2 Burgeoning Dread Cutscene
3 That Which Curdles Blood Quest Moogle key
4 Sugar-coated Directive BCNM 3,000~50,000g
Bird key
5 Enemy of the Empire (I) Quest Black book
6 Enemy of the Empire (II) Fight Cactuar key
7 Sugar-coated Subterfuge Cutscene
8 Shantotto in Chains Fight Bomb key
9 Fountain of Trouble Quest
10 Battaru Royale BCNM Chocobo key
11 Romancing the Clone Cutscene
12 Sisters in Arms Quest
13 Project: Shantottofication BCNM Tonberry key (Shantotto)
14 An Uneasy Peace Cutscene Behemoth key
15 A Shantotto Ascension (Fin) Cutscene--Finale One of the following:
Blitzer Poleyn
Desultor Tassets
Tatsumaki Sitagoromo
  • Cutscene: A mission that is entirely or almost entirely cutscenes.
  • Quest: A mission that involves a lot of running around and cutscenes.
  • Dungeon: A mission that takes place mostly in a dungeon, such as Promyvion or Sacrarium.
  • Fight: A mission that mostly involves one or many NM fights.
  • BCNM: A mision that is either solely a BCNM, or culminates in a BCNM fight. Usually referenced along with Dungeon-type missions.