A Shantotto Ascension Mission 8

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Shantotto in Chains
Series None
Starting NPC Ro'Maeve
Title None
Repeatable No
Description Mission Orders: You have learned that the original Doctor Shantotto is being held captive somewhere in Ro'Maeve. Realizing that only Shantotto can stand against Shantotto, Professor Yoran-Oran has proposed a rescue mission.
Previous Mission Next Mission
Sugar-coated Subterfuge Fountain of Trouble


  • Click the Ensorcelled Door at (B-10) in Ro'Maeve.
    • There is no cutscene, but you will be told about a hexagonal depression.
  • You must collect six key item fragments from various monsters.

NOTE: If you are in a party/alliance, everyone in the group will obtain the key item if it drops.