Additions and Adjustments Galore! (12/06/2010)

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Along with the wealth of other new features previewed in this space, the soon-to-be-released version update will usher in a host of additions and adjustments to existing content such as Trial of the Magians, Walk of Echoes, and Abyssea areas. Even old favorites like Dynamis and Einherjar will see drop rate adjustments and other refinements designed to make them more rewarding than ever!

The following additions and adjustments will be made to Trial of the Magians:

- New trials will be added.
- Quotas for certain trials involving Relic and Mythic weapons will be reduced. (All adjustments will be reflected even for trials in progress at the time of the update.)

The following additions will be made to the Walk of Echoes:

- When a battlefield reaches 51% completion or higher, no further entry will be permitted.
- Drop rates for coins will be adjusted.
- Treasure coffers that appear upon battlefield completion will occasionally yield "Frayed Pouch" items.

Image12-06-2010 0.jpg

In Dynamis, drop rates for equipment including Relic armor and accessories will be adjusted.

In Einherjar, acquisition rates for abjurations obtained via Wings I/II/III will be adjusted.

The following additions and adjustments will be made to Abyssea areas:

- A new synthetic atma will be added for the completion of the |Wings of the Goddess missions.
- Repop delays for notorious monsters (NMs) will be shortened.
- Trigger conditions for certain NMs will be eased.
- Monsters who appear at boosted levels will vanish and reappear at their regular level if not engaged in battle.
- Abyssite obtained from defeating NMs will be granted to all alliance members.
- "Atma Fabricant" NPCs will be added to Vision of Abyssea areas.
- Quests in Abyssea - Konschtat offered by the NPC Ayame will be available to players regardless of current fame.
- The rate of Empyrean armor acquisition from Sturdy Pyxides in Scars of Abyssea areas will be adjusted.
- In Bastion, Resistance NPCs, Clone Wards, and Pulse Martellos will receive a strength boost.

Image12-06-2010 1.jpg